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Wildfire Specialists Inc.

Wildfire Specialists Inc.

Wildfire Specialists Inc.

5-2233 Radar Rd
Hanmer, Ontario
P3P 0B4

5-2233 Radar Rd
Hanmer, Ontario
P3P 0B4

(705) 693-0323

(705) 693-0326

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Wildfire Specialists Inc.

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115310 - Support Activities for Forestry

611690 - All Other Schools and Instruction


Product / Service / Licensing

Service Name: Forest Firefighting
Wildfire Specialists Inc. is a private Forest Firefighting Agency
outfitted to provide many different services associated with
Forest Firefighting. Such as: Training, Fire Crews, Equipment
Rentals and Leasing, Prescribed Burning, Consulting, etc.

Service Name: Firefighter Training
Our Training Division is accredited to instruct the Ontario
Ministry of Natural Resources S-100 (Basic Forest Firefighter
Course). We also conduct Forest Industry Firefighter Training,
Municipal Wildland Firefighter Training, and so on.

Service Name: Prescribed Burning
Wildfire is capable of conducting a variety of Prescribed Burning
services. We have on staff qualified Fire Boss I, II, and III,
for the writing and implementation of silvicultural burns,
ecological burns, railway right of way burning, slash pile
burning, etc. We can supply all personnel as well as equipment
for implementing any of these Prescribed Burns.

Service Name: Equipment Rentals
Wildfire's inventory of forest fire equipment ranges from all
types of suppression equipment such as Power Pumps, Hose,
Handtools, to Camping Equipment, to ignition equipment such as
drip torches. We are willing to provide short or long term lease
agreements at competative prices.

Service Name: Contract Fire Crews
Wildfire staff is capable of conforming to any request for
suppression crews. We have qualified and experienced Initial
Attack Crews as well as Sustained Attack Crews. All personnel
come fully trained in their classification.

Contact Information

Brian Burnett
Title: Fire Technician
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (705) 693-0323
Fax: (705) 693-0326

Lawrence Coulterman
Telephone: (705) 693-0323
Fax: (705) 693-0326

Mike Small
Title: Senior Marketing Officer
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (705) 693-0323
Fax: (705) 693-0326