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Ventek Enterprises

Ventek Enterprises

Ventek Enterprises

102 Dagenais Dr.
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
X1A 3B6

102 Dagenais Dr.
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
X1A 3B6

(867) 765-0854

(866) 514-6463

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Ventek Enterprises

Ventek Enterprises provides electrical products, technical electrical services, maintenance, construction, and consultation. We are also a distributor, designer, installer of photovoltaic PV systems, wind generation systems, and solar hot water systems.

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238210 - Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors

236210 - Industrial Building and Structure Construction
238220 - Plumbing, Heating and Air-Conditioning Contractors
332619 - Other Fabricated Wire Product Manufacturing
335315 - Switchgear and Switchboard, and Relay and Industrial Control Apparatus Manufacturing
335930 - Wiring Device Manufacturing
335990 - All Other Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing
339990 - All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing
416120 - Plumbing, Heating and Air-Conditioning Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
454111 - Internet Shopping
811210 - Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance


$500,000 to $999,999

Product / Service / Licensing

Service Name: electrical maintenance,technical service,construction,consultation,alternative energy-wind generation,solar photovoltaic generation,solar hot water
electrical maintenance,technical service,construction,consultation,alternative energy-wind generation,solar photovoltaic generation,solar hot water. Alternative energy designer, supplier, installer

FSC Code: 1230-Fire Control Systems, Complete
1240-Optical Sighting and Ranging Equipment
1260-Fire Control Designating and Indicating Equipment
1265-Fire Control Transmitting and Receiving Equipment, Except Airborne
1290-Miscellaneous Fire Control Equipment
1920-Fishing Vessels
1925-Special Service Vessels
1940-Small Craft
1990-Miscellaneous Vessels
2090-Miscellaneous Ship and Marine Equipment
3040-Miscellaneous Power Transmission Equipment
3590-Miscellaneous Service and Trade Equipment
3610-Printing, Duplicating, and Bookbinding Equipment
3695-Miscellaneous Special Industry Machinery
4940-Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment
5680-Miscellaneous Construction Materials
5915-Filters and Networks
5920-Fuses, Arresters, Absorbers, and Protectors
5925-Circuit Breakers
5932-Electrical Connectors
5935-Connectors, Electrical
5940-Lugs, Terminals, and Terminal Strips
5945-Relays and Solenoids
5950-Coils and Transformers
5955-Oscillators and Piezoelectric Crystals
5960-Electron Tubes and Associated Hardware
5961-Semiconductor Devices and Associated Hardware
5962-Microcircuits, Electronic
5963-Electronic Modules
5965-Headsets, Handsets, Microphones and Speakers
5970-Electrical Insulators and Insulating Materials
5975-Electrical Hardware and Supplies
5977-Electrical Contact Brushes and Electrodes
5980-Optoelectronic Devices and Associated Hardware
5985-Antennas, Waveguide, and Related Equipment
5990-Synchros and Resolvers
5995-Cable, Cord, and Wire Assemblies: Communication Equipment
5996-Amplifier Assembly
5998-Electrical and Electronic Assemblies; Boards, Cards, and Associated Hardware
5999-Miscellaneous Electrical and Electronic Components
6105-Motors, Electrical
6110-Electrical Control Equipment
6115-Generators and Generators Sets, Electrical
6116-Fuel Cell Power Units, Components, and Accessories
6117-Solar Electric Power Systems
6120-Transformer - Distribution and Power Station
6125-Converters, Electrical, Rotating
6130-Converters, Electrical, Nonrotating
6135-Batteries, Non-rechargeable
6140-Batteries, Rechargeable
6145-Wire and Cable, Electrical
6150-Miscellaneous Electric Power and Distribution Equipment
6160-Miscellaneous Battery Retaining Fixtures and Liners
6210-Indoor and Outdoor Electric Lighting Fixtures
6220-Electric Vehicular Lights and Fixtures
6230-Electric Portable and Hand Lighting Equipment
6240-Electric Lamps
6250-Ballasts, Lampholders, and Starters
6260-Nonelectrical Lighting Fixtures
6350-Miscellaneous Alarm Signal and Security Detection Systems
6625-Electrical and Electronic Properties Measuring and Testing Instruments
6665-Hazard-Detecting Instruments and Apparatus
6685-Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity Measuring and Controlling Instruments
6695-Combination and Miscellaneous Instruments
9905-Signs, Advertising Displays, and Identification Plates
9925-Ecclesiastical Equipment, Furnishings, and Supplies
9999-Miscellaneous Items (includes only those items of Goods which cannot conceivably be classified in any existing Classes)
AH00-Environmental Protection
AJ00-General Science and Technology
AZ00-Other Research and Development
D301-ADP Facility Operation and Maintenance Services
D303-ADP Data Entry Services
D311-ADP Data Conversion Services
D312-ADP Optical Scanning Services
D314-ADP System Acquisition Support Services (Includes preparation of statement of work, benchmarks, specifications, etc.)
D317-Automated News Services, Data Services, or Other Information Services. Buying data (the electronic equivalent of books, periodicals, newspapers, etc.
H000-Technical Representative Services
H100-Quality Control Services
H200-Equipment and Materials Testing
H900-Other Quality Control, Testing, and Inspection Services
J000-Maintenance, Repair, Modification, Rebuilding and Installation of Goods/Equipment
L000-Technical Representative Services
M000-Operation of Government - Owned Facilities
M110-Administrative Facilities and Service Buildings
M130-Educational Buildings
M150-Industrial Buildings
M160-Residential Buildings
M170-Warehouse Buildings
M180-Research and Development Facilities
M190-Other Buildings
M210-Conservation and Development Facilities
M230-Electrical Power Generation (EPG) Facilities
M290-Other Non-Building Facilities
N000-Installation of Equipment
P000-Salvage Services
R000-Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
R005-Technical Assistance
R016-Personal Services Contracts
R108-Word Processing/Typing Services
U000-Educational and Training Services
U001-Lectures For Training
U008-Training/Curriculum Development
Y511-Pre-erection work at construction sites
Y512-Construction works for buildings
Y514-Assembly and erection of prefabricated constructions
Y515-Special trade construction work
Y516-Installation work
Y517-Building completion and finishing work
Y518-Renting services related to equipment for construction or demolition of buildings or civil engineering works, with operator.

Technology Profile

102 Dagenais Dr.
Yellowknife, NT
X1A 3B6
Tel.: 867-765-0854
Fax: 866-514-6463
“On time – All the Time…By the Community for the Community” May 8, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:
We at VENTEK are a Tticho owned and operated company and are ready to broaden our horizons utilizing our skills and knowledge to our maximum potential. We are striving to employ a high ratio of aboriginal employees with an excellent level of professional workmanship and business sense.
Ventek’s Motto is: “On time all the Time… For the Community By the Community”. Our purpose is to give back to the community the vital skill sets necessary to become a professional electrical tradesman. With this in mind, we will take on apprentices and journeyman from within the communities and complete electrical service, maintenance and construction contracts/jobs.
We have been completing jobs thus far mainly in the Behchok region but also in Yellowknife. Ventek is looking forward to expanding into the outer communities. We have journeyman (IP industrial, and construction & maintenance) and apprentices at our will, with the opportunity to expand the aboriginal content/ratio further should more manpower be required. Ventek has applied for BIP.
Our rates are as follows for a T&M basis and look forward to bidding on any project you may have available:
Journeyman rate: call for your free quote today
Bucket truck rate: call for your free quote today
Unusual circumstantial tool/or other usage premium: $ negotiated upon foresight.
Our insurance coverage is with liability coverage of $5 million. We at Ventek consider safety our first priority, in fact if a job cannot be done safely; Ventek will not do it.
In any service, maintenance, or teaching contract(s) we would require that if any specialty tools or specialty PLC software should be required, there would be an added premium for the usage of such equipment. (Tools could include such as: infrared thermography cameras, sonic testers, RSLOGIX5000 software, etc.) Of course we are open to negotiation of such terms.
References are available upon request.
Please feel free to call at anytime should you have any questions or require an elaboration. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to any possible business venture with you in the future.

Patricia Bullis
Ventek Enterprises
(867) 765-0854

Matthew Brost
Ventek Enterprises
(867) 765-0854

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Industry Sector Market Interests:
Geographic Markets: Actively Pursuing:

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Unique Applications:
more effiecient and less costly, easier to maintain, better service and quality

Key / Major Clients:
GNWT-DPW, TliCho Government, TliCho investment corp., ENR, local community governements and local contractors, etc, etc

Success Stories:
have utilized our solar and wind generation systems, utilized our technical electrical expertise, etc

can be found in uphere magazine, NABA, and our website :

Contact Information

Patricia Bullis
Title: Owner
Telephone: (867) 765-0854
Fax: (866) 514-6463

Matthew Brost
Title: General Manager
Area of Responsibility: Manufacturing/Production/Operations
Telephone: (867) 765-0854
Fax: (866) 514-6463