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Venjakob North America

Venjakob North America

Venjakob North America

5-670 Hardwick Rd
Bolton, Ontario
L7E 5R5

5-670 Hardwick Rd
Bolton, Ontario
L7E 5R5

(905) 951-9966

(905) 951-9907

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Venjakob North America

Venjakob is a worldwide renowned manufacturer of complete finishing systems, spraying equipment, drying system and conveyor technology. The following Industries are served by Venjakob; Automotive, Wood, Audio, Plastic, Glass, Construction, Rubber, Metal and Mouldings.

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332810 - Coating, Engraving, Heat Treating and Allied Activities

333299 - All Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
333413 - Industrial and Commercial Fan and Blower and Air Purification Equipment Manufacturing
333920 - Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing
541420 - Industrial Design Services
541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
611690 - All Other Schools and Instruction

Manufacturer / Processor / Producer

Product / Service / Licensing

Product Name: Venjakob Finishing Lines
Automated finishing (spray painting) production lines.

Product Name: VEN Brush
Innovative system technologies from Brushing, denibbing, sanding, wiping, polishing.

Product Name: VEN Clean
Cleaning process flame impingement to purification with CO2 snow blasting

Product Name: VEN Move
Conveying and handling technology solutions optimise routes and process procedures

Product Name: VEN Trans-Conveyor Technique
Automated rotating, turning transferring, stacking,sending ,collecting and returing

Product Name: VEN Spray
Spray Coating with various coating materials, paint, stain, laquer, graphite, rubber, plastic, glue and polyester

Product Name: VEN Dry
OIR and UV drying offer shortened drying time, vertical and cold driers achieve a high level of flexability

Product Name: VEN Clean Air
The residue-free exhaust air purification of volatile organic compounds (VOC) impresses the sophisticated processes in the print and coating sector- flamesless ozidation at more than 800 degrees C.
Thermal Incinerators

Service Name: Consulation
We offer consulation as part of our service to suggest plant layout and requirements.

Service Name: Design
Individual solutions take shape with modern CAD/CAM technology and simulations. The digital assignment data accompanies every stage of production.

Service Name: Training
We offer on site training for all products and machinery for your staff.

Service Name: Installation/Service
We compliment our machinery with a full service and installation package.
Trouble Shooting

Service Name: Telephone Support
We offer 24/7 telephone support for any technical issues and questions.

Contact Information

Andrew Scott
Title: Sales Manager
Area of Responsibility: Customer Service
Telephone: (416) 560-4272
Fax: (905) 951-9907

Cheryl Davidson
Title: Office Manager
Area of Responsibility: Customer Service
Telephone: (905) 951-9966
Fax: (905) 951-9907