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Tri-Y Enterprises Ltd.

Tri-Y Enterprises Ltd.

Tri-Y Enterprises Ltd.

228-1820 Renfrew St
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5M 3H9

228-1820 Renfrew St
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5M 3H9

(604) 215-1762

(604) 215-1761

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Tri-Y Enterprises Ltd.

Tri-Y Enterprises Ltd. is a high-tech company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company specializes in advanced environmental technologies, especially wastewater treatment and energy savings. It is recognized as one of the leading specialists in the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater.
Mission of the company is to provide customized and cost-effective solutions to customers and to dedicate the company resources to the creation of a clean environment that will ensure the perpetual existence of future generations on earth.
To fulfill this objective, the company has been actively participating in research & development in collaboration with the National Research Council Canada and the University of British Columbia. The company's significant contribution to the advancement of technologies has earned itself a remarkable reputation.
The company has a team of technical professionals who possess expertise and experience in the field of environment technology, water treatment, energy saving, renewable energy, mechanical and chemical engineering, research and development.
The company's wastewater treatment technologies and services can benefit a variety of industries such as pulp and paper mills, leathering, printing and dyeing factories, hotels and restaurants, oil refineries, as well as the municipal water treatment plants.
The company on-going R&D projects in the areas of wastewater treatment, pulp & paper and renewable energy include:
* P30 enhanced biological process in wastewater treatment.
In Trickling Filters and aerobic processes applying P30 to enhance bio reaction to improve efficiency (application of E/F&P in bio aeration process).
* Micro entrapment to accelerate bio reaction in aeration.
A new mechanism in wastewater treatment - micro entrapment - by increased “contact time” between sludge particles and contaminants to improve efficiency.
* Pitch and stickies control in paper machines.
Detackification mechanism is developed to control the pitch deposition in paper machines and stickies problems in waste paper recycling.
* Improved retention and formation by P30 - dispersion mechanism.
E/F&P mechanism and dispersion mechanism are developed and extended to use in paper machines to increase fines and filler retention.
* Research on new Temperature Control Materials (TCMs).
Research on new materials for temperature control which are hypothesized to absorb heat from environment when temperature is higher than the setting point and to release heat to environment when temperature is lower than the setting point.
* Energy savings enhanced by TCM (Temperature Control Materials).
Research on principle of energy savings in space heating and hot water systems with TCM enhancement, and to cut down costs in domestic space heating and hot water and reduce emission of GHG (Green House Gas). Research on heat pump with TCM enhancement, and develop new heat pump systems. And develop new technologies to encapsulate TCM to be applied in building materials to control room temperature and save energy.

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325999 - All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product Manufacturing

333310 - Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
417920 - Service Establishment Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors
418410 - Chemical (except Agricultural) and Allied Product Wholesaler-Distributors
541330 - Engineering Services
541620 - Environmental Consulting Services
541710 - Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences

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Product Name: water treatment
Products/Services: E/F&P water treatment technology; high efficiency flocculant P30 used in water treatment; EFPR water treatment package plant; EFPB water treatmnet systems, BMR water treatmnet & reuse systems, ME biological accelerators, etc.

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Out-License (Offering): paper technology
Pitch/stickies control agent UD-1 used in pulp and
paper to control pitch/stickies problems.

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Out-License (Offering): Renewable energy
R&D on New Temperature Control Materials (TCM) to control temperature in environment; Energy savings of heating systems enhanced by TCM, etc.

New technologies on Biomass to Ethanol, etc.

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Out-License (Offering): New Technologies of TCMs
Temperature (thermal) Control Materials (TCMs) used to regulate temperature and save heat energy.

Technology Profile

High efficiency flocculant P30:
Mainly used in E/F&P wastewater treatment technology, may be used in wastewater treatment systems such as settlement, flotation, filtration, etc. The function of P30 is to encapsulate, flocculate, adsorb and fixate the dirty particles in wastewater.
EFPR water treatment package plant:
EFPR is a series of wastewater treatment equipment, which are designed to remove pollutants from wastewater fast and efficiently using the proprietary E/F&P technology of our company.
EFPR can be widely used in the treatment of wastewater, especially in industry wastewater. After the treatment, COD removal rate can be over 90%, and all of COD, BOD, SS, and pH can reach the discharging standard. EFPR has the features of: high efficiency, easy operation and management, less investment, less space occupation, low operating cost and low maintenance cost.
EPB water treatmnet system:
EPB is based on conventional biochemical treatment. It applies our proprietary E/F&P technology to strengthen the process and enhance the efficiency of the treatment. EPB technology can be used in a wide range of applications, such as the wastewater from restaurant, hotel, and residential area etc. After the treatment, the rate of COD removal reaches a high level of 90%, and COD, BOD, SS, pH reach the discharge standard. EPB has the advantages of high efficiency, easy operating, low operating and maintenance costs, less occupation of room.
ME biological accelerators, etc.
BMR water treatment & reuse systems.
Temperature (Thermal) Control Materials (TCM) used for energy savings.
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Joe Zhao
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Area of Responsibility: Research/Development/Engineering
Telephone: (604) 215-1762
Fax: (604) 215-1761

May Zhang
Title: R&D Engineer
Area of Responsibility: Research/Development/Engineering
Telephone: (604) 215-1762
Fax: (604) 215-1761

Jean Molano
Title: R&D Lab Technician
Area of Responsibility: Research/Development/Engineering
Telephone: (604) 215-1762
Fax: (604) 215-1761

Jim Xu
Title: R&D Engineer
Area of Responsibility: Research/Development/Engineering
Telephone: (604) 215-1762
Fax: (604) 215-1761