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Tomato Solutions

Tomato Solutions

Tomato Solutions

23264 Mull Rd
Chatham, Ontario
N7M 5J4

23264 Mull Rd
Chatham, Ontario
N7M 5J4

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Tomato Solutions

Tomato Solutions conducts a tomato breeding program to produce the highest quality hybrids for processors and fresh market growers. As the company name implies, tomato breeding can be viewed as a way of providing solutions to problems that growers and processors face in providing competitive products to the marketplace. We have concentrated on processing tomatoes primarily used for peeling. Improving case recovery by increasing fruit size and firmness as well as peeled color is a major objective. Reducing peeling costs by incorporating traits for easy peeling using reduced lye concentrations and application times is another objective. Breeding hybrids that have easy peel removal will ease the transition from lye peeling to steam or hot water peeling and assist companies with meeting more stringent environmental regulations while remaining competitive. For diced and chopped products, hybrids with larger fruit size and solid interior structure enhance product appearance and recovery. Hybrids of varying maturities with tolerance to fruit breakdown due to disease, and the ability to withstand heat without softening improves the flow of tomatoes from the field to the factory. Early maturing hybrids as well as those with extended field storage capabilities extend the processing season, maximizing capital assets. A close relationship between breeder, processor and grower is necessary so that the combination of factors in which improvement is most desired can be emphasized in hybrid development. Our production process for seed emphasizes genetic purity, high germination and vigour, and effective seed treatments for control of bacterial diseases. The production facilities and research farm of Tomato Solutions are near Chatham, Ontario, central to the main processing tomato production area of Canada. At present, we have several machine harvest processing tomato hybrids as well as hybrids for roma fresh market. In addition, we have an outstanding beefsteak hybrid. Many of our hybrids are used for organic tomato production due to their ability to produce well without the use of fungicides. This is a natural result of breeding without using fungicides in our plots. Please contact Jim Dick or Adam Dick for further information on tomato hybrids.
Export/Domestic Sales: 45% U.S./55% Canadian
Processing/Fresh Market Sales: 85% Processing/15% Fresh Market
Paste/Peeled: 16% of Processing for Paste/84% for Peeled Product

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111219 - Other Vegetable (except Potato) and Melon Farming

111419 - Other Food Crops Grown Under Cover
541710 - Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences

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TSH18 (97 days or 2210 heat units) is a very early maturing
processing hybrid for whole pack, ready for harvest about 2 days
earlier than TSH04. The fruit size at approximately 60 grams is
larger than TSH04 hybrids. This hybrid peels very well, but also has good colour and viscosity for other products. Vine size is medium compact. It is an excellent choice for early season extension. Fresh market growers can also use it for a hand pick Roma style hybrid to get into the market as early as possible. It has resistance to Verticillium and Fusarium wilt, as well as
tolerance to bacterial speck. Tolerant to Pinnacle herbicide.

TSH04 (99 days or 2260 heat units)is an early jointless
processing hybrid with excellent yield for its maturity
classification. Fruit size is very uniform, peeled colour is
good and fruit peel cleanly. For product use, TSH04 has medium
viscosity and good soluble solids. Vine size is moderate.
Field holdability and resistance to blossom end rot is excellent.
Overall, the combination of good fruit size and firmness coupled
with good peeled colour increases peeled recovery. It is also being used successfully in organic tomato procuction. Many fresh market growers also use this hybrid as an early hand pick Roma style variety, to get into the fresh market earlier. TSH04 is resistant to Verticillium and Fusarium, and is tolerant to bacterial speck. Tolerant to Pinnacle herbicide.

VF6203 (105 days or 2500 heat units) is a fresh market Roma
style variety that is very popular for making home-made sauces.
It has good firmness and viscosity.

Super Shepherd is an Italian Ramshorn type. It is a large
fruited, elongated sweet pepper with thick walls and a superior
sweet taste. Seed is surface sterilized to reduce the potential
for seed borne bacterial diseases. In addition, the peppers
used for seed are selected to maintain the genetic
characteristics of the Super Shepherd type.

TSH24 (111 days or 2530 heat units) is a San Marzano type with very elongated fruit, having a height to width ratio of 2.1. This fruit shape and style matches that of the imported Italian whole pack tomatoes. Maturity is similar to TSH08 (early mid-season). Peelability is excellent. Resistance to fruit cracking due to handling and machine harvest is high, with a very low percentage of cracked fruit. Fruit weight is about 60g similar to plum shaped varieties, but due to the elongated shape, the diameter is less than the plum shaped hybrids. VF resistant, tolerant to bacterial speck, tolerant to Pinnacle herbicide.

TSH26 (116 days or 2640 heat units) is a main mid-season hybrid that peels very easily at lower lye concentrations (12%) and reduced lye exposure times, thus reducing lye peeling costs. Peeled colour and appearance is excellent. Fruit size (60g) is about 10% larger than TSH08. It is significantly firmer than TSH04, and almost as firm as TSH08. Thicker fruit walls result in better dicing recovery. It is very resistant to blossom end rot. The vine and foliage are vigorous and cover the beds and growing area completely, resulting in excellent yields. Fruit are ovate shaped (height: width ratio of 1.6) with small exposed stem scars for easy peel removal. VF resistant, tolerant to bacterial speck, and tolerant to Pinnacle herbicide.

TSH25 (116 days or 2640 heat units) has excellent firmness and peelability, but has very large fruit size (70 g) for a peeler of this quality. It had the largest fruit size of any of the hybrids in the variety trial run by the University of Guelph. It has a distinct “Roma” fruit shape with a height: width ratio of 1.4. The stem scar is very small for its fruit size, and it is jointless, so has no stems. Although intended for whole pack processing and machine harvest, it is very suitable for fresh market as well, and would compare favourably with TSH10. It is also resistant to blossom end rot. Fresh market growers are encouraged to try some if they are using TSH10, since TSH10 will be phased out over the next few years. Verticillium & Fusarium resistant, bacterial speck tolerant. Pinnacle tolerant.

TSH27 - MID-SEASON BEEFSTEAK This is a highly productive mid-season beefsteak hybrid bred in Ontario, Canada to tolerate high rainfall conditions, and high disease pressure. As a result, it is more resistant to fruit cracking and disease than many other beefsteak types. Yield and fruit size is excellent, with a high percentage of the larger size fruit desired by fresh market customers. Flavour is outstanding. Interior structure is excellent resulting in superior firmness. Fruit ripen to an excellent normal red colour inside and out. Neither radial nor concentric cracking are a problem. Fruit ripen fully on the vine and maintain their integrity for an extended period of time. Blossom ends are very smooth, without any catfacing. TSH27 is resistant to Verticillium and Fusarium wilts, and tolerant to Pinnacle herbicide.

TSH28 (102 days) Small amounts of seed for trials will be available this year. Maturity of this new hybrid is 3 days later than TSH04, but yield is greater. Internal structure is excellent with thick walls and reduced locular area for high diced product recovery. Due to these same traits, fruit firmness is good and is retained over a long harvest window. Fruit weight is about 68 g vs 55 for TSH04. Peeled colour is similar to TSH04. In 2008, fruit were resistant to breakdown for an extended period under heavy disease pressure. TSH28 has resistance to Verticillium and Fusarium wilt, as well as tolerance to bacterial speck. It is also tolerant to Pinnacle herbicide.

TSH29 (118 days or 2700 H.U.) is a jointless main season hybrid with good firmness which is maintained when harvesting has to be delayed. Fruit hold well under adverse conditions. Resistance to yellow shoulder syndrome is outstanding, and fruit peel very easily. Vine size is larger than H9706, and yield potential is very high. On two drip fertigated fields in semi-commercial trials in 2010, samples indicated yields of 70 tons per acre, higher than the commercial check. Based on observations under commercial conditions in 2010, TSH29 may have some tolerance to bacterial spot. Fruit are ovate shaped with a weight of 57g, similar to H9706. VF resistant, tolerant to bacterial speck. Tolerant to Pinnacle herbicide.

Complete seed guides for all of our hybrids and purchasing details (but not prices) can be found by going to our website, Separate seed guides are available for U.S. processing growers, Canadian processing growers, and fresh market producers.

All of our tomato seed is treated with 5000 ppm chlorine for 60 minutes to eliminate surface borne organisms such as bacterial speck, spot, and canker. The seed is singulated using a special drying technique, and then vacuum separated to remove low density seed. Further to this, the seed is then passed over a screen to eliminate small sized seed, and hand inspected to remove any material other than tomato seed ensuring weed free seed lots. Seed is then coated at Germain's seed pelletizing facility in Gilroy, California, using their mini-coat with dye to ensure easy visibility when seeding into plug trays using automatic vacuum seeding equipment. The hybrid seed is produced in India, using the inbred parent lines developed in Canada. The germination and purity (both Canadian and U.S. standards) are assayed by a seed laboratory certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Genetic purity is assured by growing each seed lot produced in field plots in Canada. DNA testing for purity using SNP's specific to our elite lines is done at ESTA labs. Seed is sold in Canada and the U.S.A.

FSC Code: F006-Crop Services (incl. Seed Collection and Production Services)

Technology Profile

Tomato breeding and development of tomato hybrids. Field plots and yield and quality trials. Semi-commercial trials, with cooperation with major tomato processors. Expertise in seed production, seed import and export, seed treatments and conditioning techniques. Statistical analysis. Peeling technology to evaluate peelability of fruit from various tomato hybrids. Tomato quality analysis.

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Strategic Alliances: We have processing tomato seed (machine harvest types) which would do well in moderate climates, and is currently surplus to our requirements. We could provide this at a very competitive price to foreign seed companies.Industry Sector Market Interests:
Geographic Markets: Export Experience:

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Plant Information:
Total Plant Size (Areas sq ft):
72 acres of land, approximately 6000 sq ft of building for seed production and hybrid evaluation.

Distribution of Employees
Jim Dick - masters degree in plant pathology, Ph.D. in plant breeding
Adam Dick - graduate of physics and mathematics, certificate in plant breeding from University of California, Davis.
Judy Dick - General Management, Personnel Management degrees

Unique Applications:
San Marzano style whole peeled tomatoes: Our TSH24 hybrid has the very elongated shape of the San Marzano tomato that has been grown in Italy and used for a high quality whole peeled tomato. TSH24 has the firm texture, good colour, and excellent flavour typical of this type. Several companies are using this hybrid to produce a unique product that matches or exceeds the quality of the imported product.

Peeled colour: Our hybrids have been selected for extremely good peeled colour under adverse soil and environmental conditions. They will perform well in conditions that favour blotchy ripening (yellow shoulder syndrome), conditions such as low potassium levels, high magnesium and calcium levels, and other factors.

Key / Major Clients:
H.J. Heinz, Canada
DelMonte, Canada
Thomas Canning, Canada
Weil Foods, Canada
Sun-Brite Canning, Canada
Harvest-Pak Foods, Canada
Red Gold Foods, U.S.A.
Hirzel Canning, U.S.A.
B & G Foods, U.S.A.
Furmano Foods, U.S.A.
Ray Bros. Farms, U.S.A.

Success Stories:
Earliness: TSH18 and TSH04 are extensively used in the processing industry in the Mid-West U.S.A. and southern Canada to start the processing season, due to their earliness and general suitability for processing as either paste or peeled wholepack tomatoes.

Organic tomato production: Several of our hybrids such as TSH04, TSH18 and TSH28 are used for organic tomato production because of their ability to produce well and to resist disease without the use of fungicides.

Field representatives from many of our customers have commented on the excellent stands they obtain using our pelletized seed in plug trays, with plant counts often in excess of 285 plants in a 288 cell tray. In addition, we use an orange coloured pellet which many plug growers have praised, since it easily allows them to see how accurately their seeding equipment is performing.

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Judy Dick
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Adam Dick
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