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Survival Systems Limited

Survival Systems Limited

Survival Systems Limited

50 Mount Hope Ave
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B2Y 4K9

50 Mount Hope Ave
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B2Y 4K9

(902) 466-7878

(902) 469-7878

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Survival Systems Limited

World leader in the development of safety and survival training simulation systems and associated courseware for the industrial, offshore, aviation, and marine industries.
Survival Systems Limited is engaged in the design,
production, and assembly of safety and survival simulation
training devices. We enjoy an international reputation for
consistent, high quality. Our products are designed and
developed to provide realistic training, enhancing a
trainee’s ability to survive. Our technology is continually updated with client feedback, an important part of ongoing innovation and
improvement. We export to commercial organizations and military departments globally. Our continuing exploration into the issues influencing safety and survival enhances our products and helps us to maintain our position at the forefront of our discipline.
SSL also participates in training initiatives; research and development projects related to equipment and human factors studies; and participates in raising the standards of international industry bodies, government organizations, and regulatory agencies.

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333310 - Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing

541710 - Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences
611690 - All Other Schools and Instruction

Manufacturer / Processor / Producer

$5,000,000 to $9,999,999

$5,000,000 to $9,999,999

Product / Service / Licensing

Product Name: METS (Modular Egress Training Simulator)
Modular Egress Training Simulator - The METS is a helicopter
simulator used to train military and civilian aircrew in
underwater egress. Because it is modular, it is capable of
replicating many different aircraft types in a ditching scenario.


The METS is the first underwater escape training simulator
available in the world to realistically simulate the aircraft
trainees are actually flying in. The modular design represents a
new approach to the field of emergency egress training,
- Moveable, interchangeable exterior panels, interior bulkheads
and seats.
- Aircraft type-specific emergency exits and exit mechanisms.
- Emergency floor and exit lighting.
- Simulated smoke generation.
- Emergency equipment such as liferaft capsules.
- The ability to upgrade and add components to meet changing

Product Name: FirePan
The FirePan is a safe and portable training device used to train
workers in fighting and extinguishing fires.

A portable single operated fire extinguisher use training
device. Fuelled by propane, the FirePan can simulate three
classes of fire. One button controlled non-extinquishable flame.

Product Name: Shallow Water Egress Trainer
Underwater familiarization device used to train military and
civilian aircrew.

Product Name: Operational Training Devices
Product Name: Survival Training Simulation Theatre
Advanced environment training theatre where the training environment includes wind, waves, rain, lightning, darkness, water current, video, sound.

Product Name: Training Aid
Product Name: Escape Exit Replication
Escape exits designed and built for our training simulator(METS™)
to accurately replicate aircraft escape exits. This escape exit
technology can be adapted and easily retrofitted to other
training simulators.

Service Name: Offshore Oil & Marine Safety Survival Training
Service Name: Industrial Safety & Rescue Training
Service Name: Aircraft Ditching Training
FSC Code: 1390-Fuzes and Primers
6910-Training Aids
6930-Operation Training Devices
U000-Educational and Training Services

Technology Profile

Survival Systems Limited (SSL) designs has fabricated and tests technologies related to underwater escape in a ditching scenario. Its manufacturing division really is a custom job / assembly shop operation performing assembly and integration of components into final METS™ (Modular Egress Training Simulator) and hoisting device products. SSL’s shop employs a small group of well trained, skilled, versatile workers who perform simple to complex tasks – from skinning a naked stainless steel METS™ subassembly with plastic, to installing jib cranes at client sites internationally.

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50 Mount Hope Avenue, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada B2Y 4K9

Key / Major Clients:
The market for SSL’s METS™ is segmented as follows:

• Military services, including:
o Air Force
o Navy, including Coast Guard
o Army, including Special Operations
o Marine Corps

• Commercial safety training centers

• Maritime safety centers

• Learning institute marine extensions

Military METS clients include Australia, Chile, France, Germany, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Nigeria, South Korea, Switzerland, and the USA.

Commercial METS clients include renowned global safety training organizations such as Falck Nutec as well as prestigous operators including Shell. One of SSL's prestigious training institute clients is the Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport in Alexandria, Egypt.

Success Stories:
End users of the training delivered in a METS™ include, for example:

• Workers
• Stakeholders
• Air ambulance
• Government dignitaries
• Police services
• Media
• Aviation safety personnel
• Aero-medical services
• Fire departments

These stakeholders use SSL's METS - Modular Egress Training Simulator - to practice how to escape underwater a downed, flooded, and often times inverted helicopter that has ditched into the sea.

On a Contractor Performance Assessment Report, Survival Systems rated “Exceptional” in all areas including Business Relations, Management of Key Personnel, Schedule, Cost Control, Quality of Products / Service. [USAF 2004]

[CH-124-A Sea King - MCpl DJ McDonald - 27 February 1993 - Gulf of Mexico] "An unexpected benefit of the training was my ability to cope with the stress and fear associated with such an incident occurring at night in heavy seas. This course should be mandatory for anyone involved in helicopter over-water operations."

Contact Information

Trish Tully
Title: VP, Marketing & Sales
Area of Responsibility: Export Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (902) 466-7878
Fax: (902) 465-1271