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Spartek Systems Inc

Spartek Systems Inc

Spartek Systems Inc

1 Thevenaz Industrial Trail
Sylvan Lake, Alberta
T4S 2J5

1 Thevenaz Industrial Trail
Sylvan Lake, Alberta
T4S 2J5

(403) 887-2443

(403) 887-4050

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Spartek Systems Inc

Spartek Systems Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets high-tech surface and subsurface instrumentation for the worldwide petroleum industry. The center for manufacturing, and research and development is located in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada. The Company also has offices in United States, Venezuela, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. The products currently offered by the Company include quartz pressure gauges, sapphire pressure gauges, wellhead pressure recorders, production logging instrumentation, multi-cycle shut-in tools, permanent monitoring technology, casing inspection technology, surface acquisition loggers, and communication systems. These products are targeted at the production testing, wireline logging, and permanent reservoir monitoring market segments of the larger oil and gas exploration and production market (E&P).

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333130 - Mining and Oil and Gas Field Machinery Manufacturing

213118 - Services to Oil and Gas Extraction
334512 - Measuring, Medical and Controlling Devices Manufacturing
541710 - Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences

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$10,000,000 to $24,999,999

$10,000,000 to $24,999,999

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Product Name: Quartz Pressure Gauges
Quartz Pressure Gauges are used in applications that require superior resolution and accuracy. The company offers a complete range of quartz pressure gauges from 10,000 psi to 25,000 psi with operating temperatures up to 200°C. The Company has developed their own proprietary electronics and packaging to maximize resolution, stability, and reliability. Capability of the Company’s product outperforms competing gauges based on similar technology.

Product Name: Sapphire Pressure Gauges
Sapphire Pressure Gauges offer a cost effective solution in applications where data quality is important. The Company’s Research Team has pioneered the development of this technology for the oil and gas industry. The performance of these gauges exceeds all others in its class. The piezo-resistive sensor provides a fast response with absolute accuracy equivalent to quartz sensors. These systems employ the same reliable acquisition technology utilized in the Quartz family of pressure gauges

Product Name: Gas Lift Side Pocket Mandrel Gauges
Gas Lift Side Pocket Mandrel Gauges (SPMG) were developed in late 1997 to address the need for a gauge that could be mounted into existing gas lift valves of side pocket mandrels. These gauges are non-intrusive and do not obstruct the wellbore or impede flow. The design allows access to the well for coiled tubing and wire-line operations. Based on this feature, customers can now monitor stimulation jobs with SPMG.

Product Name: Well-head Pressure Recorders
Well-head Pressure Recorders are used to measure pressures and temperatures at the surface. This product is used globally to verify downhole measurements and is used for monitoring purposes, it has had excellent customer acceptance. The company offers models that include RF communications, and multiple external sensors.

Product Name: Surface Data Acquisition Loggers
Surface Data Acquisition Loggers comprises the necessary hardware and software to acquire precise, high-resolution data from a variety of surface and subsurface sensors simultaneously. Data is recorded electronically to memory. The flexibility of this system allows users to acquire data from sensors provided by the company, or any third party commercial sensor capable of providing a 4-20 mA output. The Line Management System (LMS) includes an interface for depth encoder, and includes a GPS option.

Product Name: Production Logging System
Production Logging System comprises of a full feature production logging string that operates in both memory and surface read out (SRO) modes, surface acquisition panel for real time depth bi-directional communication, battery powered memory depth encoder with three auxiliary channels, and all necessary software to program the tools, acquire data, and generate customer reports. The instrument includes a Sapphire based pressure sensor, a Quartz based pressure sensor, RTD platinum wire fast response temperature sensor, fluid capacitance meter, gradiomanometer (density), x-y caliper, gamma ray, casing collar locator, acoustic density, inline spinner flow meter, folding flow meter, continuous flow meter, and an integrated z-axis accelerometer measurement. The telemetry/power module provides for real time bi-directional communication with the host surface logging system. The system‘s memory/control module allows for operation with slickline or tubing conveyed systems where electric line is not available or cost prohibitive. The open architecture of the system allows companies to develop their own proprietary sensors for the system. Recently the company has co-developed a proprietary laser flow meter.

Product Name: Casing Inspection Tool
Casing Inspection Tool compromise of two measurement section. The MFL Section provides 72 high resolution sensors to measure the flux leakage from a saturated section of casing. This leakage signal is measure with magnetic field strength sensors, which provides a direct correlation to pipe wall thickness. The Discriminator section uses a magnetic proximity detector to determine if the defects are located internal or external to the casing wall.

Product Name: Multi-cycle Shut-in Tool
Multi-cycle Shut-in Tool (SIT) has proven itself as a valuable tool in tests where well bore storage or access to well locations are factors. The ability to automatically shut-in the well downhole and have it re-open automatically means production need not be lost if the location is not accessible. The design of the Shut-in Tool ensures no flow-through restriction so that well production can resume with the tool downhole. This full flow-through capability also reduces the risk of plugging-off and lost time or production while equalizing. The reduction in well bore storage can be an advantage in reducing test time as well as improving data quality for analysis. Simultaneous multi-zone testing is possible with the Shut-in Tool. Power efficiency combined with Spartek Systems software allows the tool to be used in extended programs such as interference tests. This tool has been upgraded for higher temperature operation (170 C), and extreme shock to improve the overall reliability of the system.

Product Name: Side Pocket Surface Readout (SPSRO)
Side Pocket Surface Readout (SPSRO) gauge carrier replaces the standard gauge carrier used in permanent monitoring systems and provides several key advantages over previous technology:
 The gauge is mounted internally in an off-center side pocket, eliminating any obstruction in the tubing. This configuration provides greater protection for the gauge during installation and allows the gauge to be in direct communication with the well bore fluid during its operating life.
 An inductive coupler is used to power, and communicate with, the gauge, allowing the design of a fully welded gauge with no exposed conductors or elastomers, which will greatly enhance the life and stability of the gauge.
 The gauge can be “retrieved” and “replaced” by wireline, reducing the cost and risk associated with the need to replace, calibrate, or repair the permanent monitoring sensor.

Product Name: Permanent Downhole Monitoring Systems
Spartek Systems offers a range of Permanent Downhole Monitoring Systems (PDHMS) for the industry. Systems include the EX-Sensor (Capable of operating continuously over 230C), SPSRO (Side Pocket, wireline retrievable permanent Quartz or Sapphire gauge), and conventional multi-drop Quartz and Sapphire gauges (up to 32 gauges on a single conductor). Areas of development include permanent downhole flow measurements and water cut meters.

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