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SilverLeaf Techonologies Inc

SilverLeaf Techonologies Inc

SilverLeaf Techonologies Inc

3 Woodburn Dr.
Gloucester, Ontario
K1B 3A6

3 Woodburn Dr.
Gloucester, Ontario
K1B 3A6

(613) 830-9513

(613) 266-5616

SilverLeaf Techonologies Inc

The company is in the R&D stage and provides samples of silverized burn and medical treatment fabrics to military and civilian sources.

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314990 - All Other Textile Product Mills

339110 - Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing

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$1 to $99,999

$1 to $99,999

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Product Name: Silverized fabrics
SilverLeaf has developed a process for silverizing polymer,
aramid and other fabrics, such as Kevlar, Nylon, Graphite
(carbon) cloth, synthetic fabrics. These products provide light
weight, highly conductive and shielding properties, and can be
used to treat severe personnel burn wounds and other injuries.

Product Name: Silverized Wound Dressing
Silverized wound dressing

- US FDA approved

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Strategic Alliances: SilverLeaf is searching for distribution agencies or licencees
to market and produce its line of silverized burn and wound
treatment products. This can also be used in the veterinary
industry.Industry Sector Market Interests:
Geographic Markets: Export Experience: Actively Pursuing:

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Alan Thomson
Title: CEO
Telephone: (613) 830-9513
Fax: (613) 830-9513