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Sherwood's Forests Tree Farm

Sherwood's Forests Tree Farm

Sherwood's Forests Tree Farm

50042 Rge Rd 31
Warburg, Alberta
T0C 2T0

R.R. 1, Site 2, Box 5, Warburg, Alberta, T0C 2T0

(780) 848-2548

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Sherwood's Forests Tree Farm

Sherwood's Forests produces trees for landscaping, reclamation, shelterbelts, wildlife habitat enhancement.
Our niche are trees that are large enough to miss with a mower, large enough to compete with grass and weeds, but small enough to plant with a shovel, not a bobcat.

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111421 - Nursery and Tree Production

113110 - Timber Tract Operations

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Product Name: Seedling trees & shrubs
One year old trees and shrubs, generally 6 inches (15 cm) to 2 feet (60 cm) tall. Seedlings are available only in mid-May, although for large orders, this can be extended by a month either way.

Species available include white spruce, colorado spruce, black spruce, black hills spruce, lodgepole pine, jack pine, scots pine, eastern white pine, austrian pine, red pine, ponderosa pine, paper birch, dogwood, high bush cranberry, dwarf cherry, saskatoon,

Seedlings should be ordered no later than December prior to planting.

Product Name: Rooted cuttings
Various kinds of hybrid poplar -- tower, hill, brooks, northwest. Willow -- pussywillow, coyote, golden, common osier.

Product Name: Reclamation trees and shrubs
Two to four your old trees and shrubs for use in restoring land to a more diverse state. Species include most native species, and a selection of hardy, non-invasive imports. Typical sizes are 16 to 30 inches (40 to 75 cm) tall in 1 liter plugs. See seedlings list for partial species list.

Product Name: Shelterbelt trees and shrubs
Fast growing trees and shrubs for quick establishment of wind protection shelterbelts. Trees are 2.5 to 5 feet tall to compete with grass and weeds. Species include many native species, as well as hybrid poplars and hybrid willows.

Product Name: Small landscape trees and shrubs
Three to six foot high trees in #2 to #5 pots. This size makes for rapid planting, and is an inexpensive way to landscape large areas.

Product Name: Sub-caliper landscape trees.
Trees in #10 growbags. Truck size ranges from just under 1 inch up to 2 inch, heights up to 12 feet (deciduous) 8 feet (conifers) This is the upper limit of what can be planted by hand.

Product Name: Bagged compost & wood chips.
Second Nature bagged compost. This is compost from City of Edmonton's Waste Department. A mix of chopped lawn waste, wood scrap, kitchen waste.

Wood chip mulch: waste from industrial building (mobile homes & trusses) chipped to a conveient mulching size for retaining moisture on newly planted trees and shrubs. Also suitable for walking trails.

Service Name: Custom cutting propagation
Willow and poplars. If you need rapid expansion of existing stock types, contact us.

Service Name: Shelterbelt Consulting
Unsure of what to plant, what spacing. I consult on shelterbelts in the Edmonton and surrounding regions.

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Sherwood Botsford
Title: Owner
Telephone: (780) 848-2548