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PLAN2 Design Consultants Ltd.

PLAN2 Design Consultants Ltd.

PLAN2 Design Consultants Ltd.

205-3542 Blanshard St
Victoria, British Columbia
V8X 1W3

205-3542 Blanshard St
Victoria, British Columbia
V8X 1W3

(250) 472-6300

(250) 472-6340

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PLAN2 Design Consultants Ltd.

~ Residential Design (New Homes, Additions and Renovation Drawings).
~ Land Development (Subdivisions, Roads and Building Service Drawings).
~ Municipal Infrastructure (Sanitary, Storm and Water Distribution Drawings).
~ Utilities (Major Fiber Optic Cable Corridors and Directional Bores).
~ Project Planning Directories, Publications and Websites.

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236110 - Residential Building Construction

237210 - Land Subdivision
238910 - Site Preparation Contractors
238990 - All Other Specialty Trade Contractors
511140 - Directory and Mailing List Publishers
519130 - Internet Publishing and Broadcasting, and Web Search Portals
541410 - Interior Design Services
561730 - Landscaping Services


Product / Service / Licensing

Service Name: PLAN2 Design Consultants Ltd.
Product Name:

Description: Online project planning and resource directory for
Property Owners, Service Professionals and Product Suppliers.


FSC Code: C211-Architect - Engineer Services (incl. landscaping, interior layout and designing)
C212-Engineering Drafting Services
C219-Other Architect and Engineering Services

Market Profile


Strategic Alliances: We are a new company.
Investment, joint ventures and expansion possibilities will be considered in the future.Industry Sector Market Interests:

Sector Information

Unique Applications:
Develop, operate and manage online 'Directory Services' for property owners, service professionals and product suppliers.

Users of website products and print media publications can search for contractors, suppliers, properties, jobs, unwanted material or used equipment relative to their needs.

Key / Major Clients:
Focus Corporation Inc.
Cielo Properties Inc.
Westbrook Consulting Ltd.
Westshore Consulting Ltd.
RCL Consulting Ltd.
Capital Regional District - Environmental Services
MAC Renovations Ltd.
Downs Construction Ltd.
Coast Claims Service Ltd.
Tinney & Associates
Homewood Constructors
GeoDigital International Inc.

International Capital Projects:
Client: AT&T
Partners: Southern Diversified Technologies and GeoDigital International Inc.
Project: Lightguide Systems
Cable Route: Dilwynn, Virginia to Gibsonville, North Carolina (152 Miles)

Contact Information

Brad T. Munro
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (250) 472-6300
Fax: (250) 472-6340