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Ottawa Window Tinting

Ottawa Window Tinting

Ottawa Window Tinting

782 Scala Ave
OrlÉans, Ontario
K4A 4X1

782 Scala Ave
OrlÉans, Ontario
K4A 4X1

(613) 263-5465

(613) 907-1431

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Ottawa Window Tinting

Solar control film company for commercial and residential window tinting. Member of IWFA. Accredited Solar Control Film Specialist. Free quotation for houses and small projects.

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238150 - Glass and Glazing Contractors

811122 - Automotive Glass Replacement Shops


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Product Name: Solar control Film
Reduce heat, glare, UV ray , protect from shattered glass and avoid fading of furnish.We block the heat not the view forever and you will live in Great comfort and makes more savings.

Service Name: Security Film
We provide security solution for our clients. to enhance the security of a building think security film. we offer up to 14 mill of thickness film that can increse the security against huriccane or burglar

Service Name: Energy Savings Audit
Do you Own a big building office? A production compagnie? An hotel or gouvernment building? We can help improve your energy consumption for over 50% with a performant audit that will gain in efficiency and savings.We use the wellknown System ReTScreen.
Call our solar control specialist to challenge your energy consumption today and for ever. Save your money and Your Environment.

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Patrice Essindi
Title: President
Telephone: (613) 263-5465
Fax: (613) 824-9390