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Newpark Canada Inc.

Newpark Canada Inc.

Newpark Canada Inc.

300 - 635 - 6th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 0T5

300 - 635 - 6th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 0T5

(403) 266-7383

(403) 263-1760

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Newpark Canada Inc.

Newpark Drilling Fluids

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211113 - Conventional Oil and Gas Extraction

211114 - Non-Conventional Oil Extraction
213111 - Oil and Gas Contract Drilling
213118 - Services to Oil and Gas Extraction


Product / Service / Licensing

Service Name: Newpark Drilling Fluids (NDF)
A complete line of Drilling Fluids including proprietary systems
designed to minimize environmental impact. DeepDrill™ and
NewOil™ allow our customers to drill water sensitive formations
with ease using drilling fluids that are environmentally

Technology Profile

DeepDrill™- Responding to industry Newpark Drilling Fluids has
designed a water-based drilling fluid that can, in many cases,
replace oil-based drilling fluids. Caliper wells, formation
integrity, minimized formation damage, complete log
interpretation and highly deviated wells are just a few factors
that support the use of DeepDrill™.
NewOil- Where environmental considerations are not so important,
NewOil, an all oil drilling fluid has proven itself. By
eliminating the internal water phase, cleanup costs have been
reduced considerably.

Contact Information

Darryl Arndt
Title: Operations Manager
Telephone: (403) 266-7383
Fax: (403) 263-1760

Patrick Murphy
Title: Business Unit Manager
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (403) 266-7383
Fax: (403) 263-1760

Sheila Heath
Title: Controller
Area of Responsibility: Finance/Accounting
Telephone: (403) 266-7383
Fax: (403) 263-1760