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Logs End Inc.

Logs End Inc.

Logs End Inc.

Ottawa, Ontario
K1B 3S9

Ottawa, Ontario
K1B 3S9

(613) 738-7851

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Logs End Inc.

Logs End salvages logs lost in the historic log drives on the
Ottawa River and in its tributaries. The old growth saw logs we
recover are milled into dimensional lumber, flooring, paneling,
posts and beams, and mouldings. The quality and beauty of the
wood we are reclaiming has not been seen since the old growth
forests were cut down over 80 years ago. Species include
Eastern White Pine, Red Pine, Birch, Beech, Hard and Soft Maple,
Red and White Oak, Hemlock and Basswood.
We are SmartWood Rediscovered Certified and therefore are very
environmentally friendly. Estimates say that 1 to 2 living
trees may be saved for every log we salvage.

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113311 - Logging (except Contract)

418910 - Log and Wood Chip Wholesaler-Distributors

Manufacturer / Processor / Producer

$200,000 to $499,999

$100,000 to $199,999

Product / Service / Licensing

Product Name: Reclaimed Heritage Old Growth Wood Products
Logs End mills and exports Heritage Canadian Old Growth wood to
produce beautiful reclaimed posts and beams, dimensional lumber,
flooring and paneling. SmartWood Rediscovered Ceritified.

Technology Profile

All of our wood is recovered by hand using scuba divers and
Historic Ottawa River ICO boats.

Market Profile


Strategic Alliances: We are actively pursuing wholesaling, distribution, and retail
assistance for our products.Industry Sector Market Interests:
Geographic Markets: Export Experience: Actively Pursuing:

Sector Information

Plant Information:
Total Plant Size (Areas sq ft):
Total size 12,000
sq ft.
All used by sawmill

Distribution of Employees
10 employees
performing various
samill activities.
(Ie. sawing,
edging, trimming,
stickering, etc.

Unique Applications:
The wood we are recovering from the Ottawa River
and its tributaries has enormous Canadian
Heritage Value. The logging industry was what
developed this area of the country during
settlment. The logs we recover still bear the
original timber stamps from the lumber companies
that originally harvested the logs up to 130
years ago. Names include J.R. Booth, Gillies
Lumber, E.B.Eddy, McLachlin Brothers, Philemon
Wright etc. Many of the Booth logs are the same
logs used to build the National Parliment
Builidings at the turn of the century. All of
our wood is Old Growth featuring beautiful
colourings of red, orange and earth tones, and
all feature extremely tight growth ring patterns.
Furthermore, we are saving living trees from
harvest by supplying wood to the lumber markets
without cutting any trees.

Key / Major Clients:
Adams and Kennedy Specialty Wood Dealers
(Manotick, ON)
Monaghan Lumber Specialties (Peterborough, ON)
A&M Wood Specialties (Cambridge, ON)
TrestleWood (Blackfoot, Idaho)
Superior WaterLogged (Ashland, Wisconsin)

Contact Information

Shelley Millar
Title: Secretary
Telephone: (613) 738-7851
Fax: (613) 738-9182