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Leslie Taylor Manufacturing

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Leslie Taylor Manufacturing

157 Kenrie Park Rd
Lindsay, Ontario
K9V 4R1

157 Kenrie Park Rd
Lindsay, Ontario
K9V 4R1

(705) 878-7022

(705) 328-9838

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Leslie Taylor Manufacturing

Since 1972, Leslie Taylor Manufacturing has been supplying quality
parts to the printing industry.
Our partners who have worked with us to develop the perfect mix of textile and rubber, gases and quartz, virgin TeflonĀ® and glass beads, eradicators and toners are our greatest strengths. Their belief in our abilities allows LTM to service our customers at the highest level with the best products available.
We are always adding new products to meet the needs of the ever changing reprographic industry. PPC machine parts and consumables, UV curing lamps and systems, graphic aerosol products, darkroom lighting and products from Basys Germany including folders, motion display systems and roll feed systems are part of our growing product line. Service and quality continue to be the strengths of Leslie Taylor Manufacturing. We can coat light bulbs with tough protective safety coatings using our BreakGuard Teflon FEP and ProGuard PET coatings.
We can safety coat lamps using our proprietary BreakGuard FEP Teflon and ProGuard PET Safety Coating. As distributors for GE, Osram Sylvania, Philips and Eiko brand light bulbs and tubes, we can suply any replacement light bulb. We can coat lamps in-house that will retain the glass fragments, phosphours and mercury in the event of an accidental lamp breakage. Provide us with your lamps ant LTM can coat them quickly and cost efficiently.
LTM is also the Canadian distributor for EncapSulite Safe Lights and WaterGuard fixtures.

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332810 - Coating, Engraving, Heat Treating and Allied Activities

325999 - All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product Manufacturing
333299 - All Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
335110 - Electric Lamp Bulb and Parts Manufacturing

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$200,000 to $499,999

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Product Name: BreakGuard Lamp Coating
BreakGuard is a Tough coating that can be applied to lamps and tubes that will retain the glass fragments, phospours and mercury in the event of accidental breakage. Using our proprietary FEP Teflon UltraGuard and ProGuard PET Coatings, we can coat your lamps in-house, or supply coated lamps for use in food areas, manufacturing plants, and areas where a broken light bulb or tube would cause serious disruption or injury. Protecting your product, employees or customers from broken fluorescent tubes is critical, and government regulations in Canada require protective lighting to ensure that broken glass from lamps cannot come into contact with food, food equipment or food packaging.

Product Name: Basys Foldjet
Foldjet 2000 - Fold documents up to 36" / 920mm wide and up to 100' / 30m in length - precision folds every time. The off-line folder for all your folding needs

Product Name: EncapSulite WaterGuard Fixtures
WaterGuard Fixtures are waterproof fixtures that can be used in applications including Product Inspection, Food Plants, Supermarket Produce Misting Areas, Amusement Parks, Car Washes, Parking Garages, Retail, Food Processing, Seacoast Areas, Tunnels, Greenhouses, Signage, Water Treatment Plants, Bridges, Shopping Malls, Decorative Lighting and Corrosive Areas. Casing manufactured from XYLEX 8300 HP.

Product Name: Superior UV Lamps
LTM can manufacture UV lamps to your specifications. We supply high power UV lamps from 30 watts per inch to 2000 watts per inch. Lamps are used in ultraviolet curing applications to dry adhesives or inks and used in medical treatment, UV disinfection, printed circuit board manufacturing, compact disc manufacturing and digital printing.Our high power liquid cooled xenon lamps are used in IMAX projectors and space/solar simulators.

Product Name: Diazo Blue Print Parts
LTM supplies parts for blue and white print machines including belts, sleeves, teflon screens, pick-off fingers, lamps, cylinders and anhydrous ammonia systems. We stock parts for Aarque, Abso, Hi-Q, GAF, Blu-Ray, Bruning, OCE, Diazit, Meteor Siegen, Neolt, Dietzgen, Rotolite, Printfold, Quantum Vemco, Regma, Reprotech,Roth & Weber, Rowe and Copymation.

Product Name: Engineering Toners
Engineering Toners and Parts and developers for large format engineering printers at a fraction of the cost of OEM parts from XEROX, KIP, Richoh, Regma, MITA and OCE. LTM toners are manufactured under the most stringent quality control standards.

Product Name: Sprayway
Canadian distributor for Sprayway quality products for commercial and industrial users. Degreasers, silicone 945W, Rubber Rejuvenator 203, Anti-static 955W, and Solvent Cleaner C-60 are some of the many fine products available.

FSC Code: 6240-Electric Lamps

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Peter Taylor
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (705) 878-7022
Fax: (705) 328-9838