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InfraRed Imaging Solutions Inc

InfraRed Imaging Solutions Inc

InfraRed Imaging Solutions Inc

304-2275 Lake Shore Blvd W
Etobicoke, Ontario
M8V 3Y3

304-2275 Lake Shore Blvd W
Etobicoke, Ontario
M8V 3Y3

(416) 479-0270

(866) 299-0155

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InfraRed Imaging Solutions Inc

IRIS is a national predictive maintenance and non-destructive testing service provider and ESA certified electrical contractor. Services include infrared thermography, ultrasound analysis, vibration analysis, oild and fluids analysis, motor testing, high voltage testing and maintenance. Specialists in building envelope and roof integrity assessment, infrared electrical inspection, industrial reliability testing, high voltage, substation and breaker maintenance and testing.

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238210 - Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors

238190 - Other Foundation, Structure and Building Exterior Contractors
541350 - Building Inspection Services
561799 - All Other Services to Buildings and Dwellings
611690 - All Other Schools and Instruction


$1,000,000 to $4,999,999

$1 to $99,999

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Service Name: Reliability testing and Predictive Maintenance
Non-Destructive testing of electrical/mechanical systems, machinery, industrial processes, building envelope and roof integrity, glycol/in-floor heating systems, high voltage, substation, transformer and breaker maintenance. Technologies include infrared thermography, airborne ultrasound detection, vibration analysis, oil and fluids analysis, motor testing. Industries served: building sciences, industrial maintenance, roofing consulting, institutional, industrial, government, utilities, renewable energy.

FSC Code: 3410-Electrical and Ultrasonic Erosion Machines
6105-Motors, Electrical
6625-Electrical and Electronic Properties Measuring and Testing Instruments
B205-Building Technology Studies
C110-Building and Facility Structures
J000-Maintenance, Repair, Modification, Rebuilding and Installation of Goods/Equipment
R008-Engineering and Technical Services (incl. Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Electronic Engineering)

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FLIR Infrared Imaging cameras, UE Systems Ultraprobe 15,000 Airborne ultrasound detector, DLI vibration analyzer,

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Distribution of Employees
Sales and Marketing: 2
Administration: 2
Technologists: 12
Sub-Contractors: 6
Electricians: 3

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Tracy Ryan
Title: Director
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (416) 479-0270

Brian Jastrow
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Research/Development/Engineering
Telephone: (416) 479-0270

Fara Ali
Title: Admin/Exec Assistant
Area of Responsibility: Administrative Services
Telephone: (416) 479-0270