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Industries Machinex INc.

Industries Machinex Inc.

Industries Machinex INc.

2121 Olivier St
Plessisville, Quebec
G6L 3G9

2121 Olivier St
Plessisville, Quebec
G6L 3G9

(819) 362-3281

(819) 362-2280

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Industries Machinex INc.

MACHINEX is a pioneer and industry leader in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of conveyors and sorting equipment for Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and waste processing applications.
MACHINEX also designs recycling systems for ICI and C&D waste handling equipment.
From a baler feed conveyor to a complete Material Recovery
Facility, we design all the equipment needed to offer our
customers a complete system.
We are definitely oriented to serve the recycling and solid
industry with the growing interest and trust. Our dedicated
working team is working every day to find better ways to build our equipment, and solutions to serve our clients.
MACHINEX is a supplier that offers its customers an integrated solution from the design and the planning of layout to the equipement final installation. MACHINEX team works with you to offer customized service with products featuring the best price to quality ratio in the industry.

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In Québec, the company's equipment can be found at Récupération Centre du Québec in Drummondville, at Bérou-Transvick in Boucherville, at the composting plant in the regional county municipality of Magdalen Islands, at the recycling plants of the regional county municipality of Fjord-du-Saguenay in Chicoutimi, at Waste Management of Canada in Laval and at Sani-Gestion in Québec City. Currently about 20% of the company's sales are derived from exports, and this percentage is on the rise.

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333120 - Construction Machinery Manufacturing

333299 - All Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
333310 - Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
333920 - Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing
334110 - Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing

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Product Name: Recycling equipment, NES
Equipment for recycling sorting system - Matriel Recycling
Facility (MRF's), ICI and C&D waste handling equipment

Product Name: OCC Separator
This fully automated systems helped slash manpower costs. It
delivers up to 25 tons/hr. capacity, separating OCC from mixed
and office waste paper.

Product Name: News Separator
Advanced features like adjustable twin decks make the Mach Two
the complete sorting solution for news and other fine fibers.
This system generates up to 20 tons/hr. of separation for
various news grades from curbside collection.

Product Name: Mach One Single Stream Separator
Fully automated with integrated electricals controls, this Mach
One delivers output up to 20 tons/hr. of co-mingled recyclables
WITH 95% EFFICIENCY. It is complemented by a fine disc screen
and finishing sorting deck. Complete sorting in one operation.

Product Name: Conveyors
Conveyors types available: * Apron steel belt * Steel belt *
Suspended chain belt * Roller chain-belt * Slider-bed * magnetic

Product Name: Eddy current separator
Product Name: Trommels
Product Name: Shredders
Product Name: Glass crushing systems
Product Name: Plastic perforator
Product Name: Bins and sorting platforms
Product Name: Conveyers and equipment for recycling plants
Industries Machinex Inc. manufactures equipment for handling and treating recyclable materials. The main applications are:
Glass, plastic and other containers;
Paper and cardboard;
Wood chips.

The firm has experience in the design and custom manufacture of chain-driven belt conveyors, sorting conveyors, magnetic conveyors, sieves, sorting platforms, balers for steel and aluminum, glass crushers, chippers and storage areas.

Product Name: Air Separator
Air separator

Product Name: Compactor

Product Name: Glass Breaker Screen
Product Name: Baler
Product Name: Bale Breaker
Product Name: Can Flattener
Product Name: Back Scraping Drum
Product Name: Drum Feeder
Product Name: Containers air handling
Manutention efficace des contenants

Product Name: Glass pre-cleaning system
Product Name: Mobile Floor Reserve - MACH Motion Floor®
A mobile floor reserve used for storing sorted material and bringing it to the baler conveyor.

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Pierre Paré
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (819) 362-3281
Fax: (819) 362-2280