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GeoQwest Excursions Ltd.

GeoQwest Excursions Ltd.

GeoQwest Excursions Ltd.

22-2475 Dobbin Rd, Suite 298
West Kelowna, British Columbia
V4T 2E9

22-2475 Dobbin Rd, Suite 298
West Kelowna, British Columbia
V4T 2E9

(250) 212-9024

(250) 769-5524

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GeoQwest Excursions Ltd.

International Mineral Exploration Consulting
Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead, Zinc.
Canada, US, Mexico, South America
From grassroots prospecting to diamond drill program design and supervision, GeoQwest brings 25 years of experience in international mineral exploration.
Also: British Columbia Wilderness Safari Touring
Wildlife, Landscape, Backcountry Mining and Ranching Culture

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213119 - Other Support Activities for Mining

561520 - Tour Operators


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Service Name: British Columbia Backroads Tours

Gold Creeks, Platinum Camps, Lost Fortunes and Prospectors
Legends...British Columbia's heritage is based on a proud
history of prospecting, exploration and mining. GeoQwest
Excursions Ltd. makes that history and the province's vast
backcountry accessible to the world.

British Columbia's backroads network has largely been the domain
of ressource industry and other outdoor professionals. Lack of
experience, local knowledge or proper equipment makes these
roads and the landscapes they hold intimidating or inaccessible
to the average visitor and many BC residents.

GeoQwest specializes in the exploration and mining heritage of
British Columbia. In coordination with provincial heritage
societies, the BC and Yukon Chamber of Mines and mining
companies, GeoQwest provides access into some of the historic
past producer that were the foundation of BC's prosperity. Our
research of records dating back to the 1800's discovers
abandoned workings lost to time and we have the experience to
interpret them for our clients.

Although visiting historic mining districts and finding mines
lost to history is our specialty, GeoQwest provides viewscape,
ecology and wildlife tours as well. Travel through the evergreen
canopies of the Kootenays, photograph autumn colours of the
Chilcotin Plateau with a dusting of winter on a Coast Mountain
backdrop or ramble through the grasslands of the Pennask region.
And that spectacular scenery comes with professional landscape

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Service Name: International Mineral Exploration Consulting
Geochemistry, diamond drilling, exploration project design and supervision, prospecting, geology.

FSC Code: 9620-Minerals, Natural and Synthetic
AP00-Natural Resources
AV00-Mining Activities R&D
V005-Motor Passenger Service
V400-Other Transport Services

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Key / Major Clients:
Junior and Major mining and exploration companies including:
Cambria Geoscience
Kenrich Eskay Mining Corp
Barrick Gold Corp
West Timmins Mining Inc
Minera Cascabel

Success Stories:
Applied technical exploration from prospecting to diamond drill and large crew project supervision.

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Steve Noakes
Title: President
Telephone: (250) 212-9024
Fax: (250) 769-0031