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Foundation Enterprises LTD

Foundation Enterprises LTD

Foundation Enterprises LTD

238 Canals Cir. SW
Airdrie, Alberta
T4B 2Z6

238 Canals Cir. SW
Airdrie, Alberta
T4B 2Z6

(403) 945-9505

(403) 945-9504

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Foundation Enterprises LTD

FEL is in the business of inventing, developing,
& promoting technologies and innovations that
increase efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of
the tools and personnel in the Oil & Gas industry
with the intention of providing products that are
more user-friendly and environmentally conscious.

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213118 - Services to Oil and Gas Extraction

419120 - Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers
541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services


$100,000 to $199,999

Product / Service / Licensing

Product Name: Variable Frequency Generator
The VFG is a harmonic free pure sine wave power generation product which reduces overall costs compared to VSD's.
http: //

Service Name: Manufacturer's Representative
Representation of Manufacturer's associated with the Oil & Gas market for Canada; as well as a developer of Intellectual Property.

Out-License (Offering): Tandum-Upper-Tandum ESP
What is a TUT System?
• Uses two or more electric submersible motors coupled mechanically, but not electrically.
• Driven at surface by two separate control systems, un-synchronized.
• Produces double or triple the horsepower available to the pump
• PROVEN to work effectively

Why use a TUT System?
• Use Standard Sized Equipment (VFD, Motor, Generator & Cable) to Increase Production
• Create 1000 hp and Larger Systems Reliably
• Increased Production When Utilizing “Y-Tools”
• Cost Effective – Standard Sized Controls and Motors are More Cost Effective
• Reduced Delivery Times – Standard Sized Equipment is Normally Stocked

Who is using a TUT System?
Canadian Nexen Petroleum Yemen currently has over 19 units operating, with no failures.


FSC Code: 2815-Diesel Engines and Components
3695-Miscellaneous Special Industry Machinery
6115-Generators and Generators Sets, Electrical
L000-Technical Representative Services

Sector Information

Key / Major Clients:
Canadian Advanced Inc.

Contact Information

Robert Pettigrew
Title: Sales & Marketing Manager
Telephone: (403) 280-2909
Fax: (403) 285-7824

Dana Pettigrew
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (403) 945-9505
Fax: (403) 945-9504