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Cypher Environmental Ltd.

Cypher Environmental Ltd.

Cypher Environmental Ltd.

270 Cathcart St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3R 0S3

270 Cathcart St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3R 0S3

(204) 489-1214

(204) 489-7372

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Cypher Environmental Ltd.

Cypher International Ltd. is a diversified business group dedicated to the dynamics of creating a global corporation focusing on the development of products and technologies that benchmark our vision for an environmentally improved world. Our management structure alone has more than half a century of experience in environmental industries. We are creative, entrepreneurial and forward thinking in the advancement of our technologies and solutions. Our pursuit of knowledge, new technologies, business alliances and synergistic solutions provide our customers with innovative and highly successful sustainable development applications to solve their ever increasing challenges in environmental areas. Cypher International Ltd. is dedicated to passionately continue in its quest for engineering excellence through focussed research and the resulting exceptional products that we bring to market. Quality and vastly superior products is our goal and that goal is achieved by exceeding product engineering specifications and the expectations of our customers.
EarthZyme is an unparalleled enzyme soil treatment that creates infinitely better roads as well as a multitude of solutions to an endless list of other infrastructure problems, environmentally and economically.
Dust Stop has finally been introduced as a 100% Environmentally Friendly dust suppressant to replace the toxic chemicals that the earth's roads, lands, waters, wildlife, human health, agricultural, massive health concerns and natural resources are now being subjected to.
UltraZyme is the utmost in sustainable solutions possessing the ability to reduce and remove waste and hydrocarbons from a number of industrial sources while at the same time being 100% environmentally friendly and providing instant odor control.

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325190 - Other Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing

339990 - All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing
541710 - Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences

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$1,000,000 to $4,999,999

$1,000,000 to $4,999,999

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Product Name: Environmentally friendly road stabilizer
EarthZyme is an enzyme solution used to stabilize roads and any
other surfaces. Once applied the treated material is similar in
strength and impermeability to asphalt and cement but at a
significantly reduced cost. All this is attainable while being
100% environmentally friendly.

Product Name: EarthZyme
EarthZyme is an environmentally friendly soil stabilizer ideal
for any type of road bulding. EarthZyme roads are extremely
resistant to freeze/thaw effects, therefore they have a
significant reduction in potholing, cracking, heaving etc.

Product Name: UltraZyme
UltraZyme is a unique waste remediation product that has been
specifically formulated for multiple applications. It is a
highly concentrated, proprietary blend of selected natural micro-
organisms and essential nutrients that increases bacterial
activity in order to significantly decrease the decomposition
time necessary for the remediation of any organic contaminant.
UltraZyme cultures are a blend of enzymes that utilize non-
living organic matter as a food source. The cultures are not
harmful to either aquatic or land plants or animals and have
been released into marine and fresh water treatment areas with
total ecological safety.

While UltraZyme effectively disposes of any unwanted organic
matter it simultaneously eliminates all odors normally present
in the decomposition process. UltraZyme controls odors through
bio-augmentation of the host environment. Because it is in
liquid form bacterial stimulation is immediate, instantly
initiating the odor control process. The decomposition of most
organics results in the production of malodorous gasses
including Hydrogen Sulfide. UltraZyme not only prohibits the
production of these gasses but also uses any that are produced
in a unique metabolic process further increasing the rate of

The enzymes found in UltraZyme’s unique formula convert organic
waste materials into fractions of smaller molecular size that
can be easily digested by biodegrading bacteria. The smaller
particles offer a greater surface area for the bacteria to feed
on, which explains the increased speed of bacterial degradation.
The formula also consists of nutrients that are essential to
foster an environment that promotes bacterial growth and
reproduction. UltraZyme’s introduction into any system produces
a host environment that is free of odor and perfectly suited for
enhanced bacterial degradation.

UltraZyme’s ability to decompose any organic waste material
makes it a very diverse product. Application rates and
procedures vary depending on the specific application, but most
applications can be done using pre-existing simple spray
equipment or Cypher’s automatic dosing machine. Adding to the
diversity of UltraZyme is the fact that it is effective in a
wide range of temperatures and pH levels, while also working in
both aerobic and anaerobic environments.

Product Name: DustStop
Dust Stop is an effective aid in the elimination of dust
particles from a number of sources. It has been used with
complete satisfaction in various climates and conditions found
throughout the world. As well as suppressing dust, Dust Stop is
also able to produce exceptional erosion control results. Dust
Stop’s exclusive feature is its benefit to the environment. It
is 100% environmentally friendly, sustainable, biodegradable and
renewable, providing a perfect solution to an ever-growing
problem. Suspended particulate matter is a major source of air,
soil and water pollution. It also poses a very serious risk to
the health of the communities inhabiting highly polluted areas.
Dust Stop’s application puts an end to this risk and
successfully inhibits any dust particles from becoming airborne.

Dust Stop suppresses dust particles from becoming airborne by
forming a blanket over the surface of the treated material.
Normally dust particles form on the surface of a road due to the
composition of the road material and the wear and tear of every
day use. Each time a vehicle passes down the road these dust
particles are stirred up and become airborne, which then become
known as suspended particulate matter. Dust Stop’s unique
formula molds to fit the shape of the road and has been
specifically formulated to provide high bond strength, quick
film forming ability, more film tack and adhesion and improved
film strength and flexibility.

Dust Stop is applied using the same pre-existing equipment that
is used to apply other previous forms of dust control products.
But unlike most previous dust control products that have adverse
effects on the environment, Dust Stop has absolutely no adverse
effects on the environment and is fully safe to use in and
around fragile ecological areas as well as around sensitive soil
conditions and aquatic life of all kinds. This is due to the
fact that Dust Stop is made with 100% organic materials that are
completely biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-hazardous, which
cannot be said for most other dust control products.

Dust Stop’s applications are not limited to roads. There are a
vast number of other applications that Dust Stop can be
successfully used for. Any type of surface that requires erosion
or dust control is applicable to Dust Stop. An important feature
of Dust Stop is its ability to resist wind and water erosion,
which explains the product’s versatility. When considering Dust
Stop’s environmentally friendly composure even more applications
can be added to the list of Dust Stop’s multiple applications.

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Cypher is a developer and producer of proven and certified 100% environmentally friendly products and technologies used by the largest of all large resource companies in the world and the largest construction site on earth. Health and medical concerns as well as environmental are solved through the use of Cyphers proven products which are shipped worldwide.

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Strategic Alliances: Company is established in over 50 countries now and growing rapidly but very interested and prepared to increase export markets. Cypher is dominant now and currently well publicized globally. A brief outline of some accomplishments can be viewed on NEWS at the web sites and www.cypherenvironmental.comIndustry Sector Market Interests:
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