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BioMedica Diagnostics Inc.

BioMedica Diagnostics Inc.

BioMedica Diagnostics Inc.

94 Wentworth Rd
Windsor, Nova Scotia
B0N 2T0

P.O. Box 1030
Windsor, Nova Scotia
B0N 2T0

(902) 798-5105

(902) 798-1025

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BioMedica Diagnostics Inc.

Privately held medical biotechnology firm focusing on R & D, manufacturing and distribution of rapid diagnostic devices and diagnostic reagents. With a dedicated focus on the needs of smaller labs and decentralized alternative testing sites; BioMedica markets portable analytical instruments supplied with reformatted "ready to use" diagnostic reagents.
Target markets are medical, veterinary, military, environmental,
and food safety testing laboratories; seeking newer ways of
providing rapid diagnostic services with economical, easy-to-use

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334512 - Measuring, Medical and Controlling Devices Manufacturing

541710 - Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences

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Product Name: BMD 1940 PLUS Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
A compact, ergonomic instrument designed for simplicity and ease
of use. Advanced electronics and software provide accurate,
reliable results time after time. Low initial cost, minimal
training requirements, and convenient, pre-packaged reagent kits
for most commonly required blood work make this system ideal for
smaller clinics and cost-senstive healthcare environments.

Product Name: Immunodiagnostic test kits
A wide variety of the ELISA and rapid diagnostic strip tests for
screening common infectious diseases, STD's, drugs of abuse
screening, fertility etc.

Product Name: BioMedica Veterinary Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
Designed for simplicity and ease of use, advanced electronics
and software provide accurate, reliable results time after time.
Low initial cost, minimal training requirements, and convenient,
pre-packaged reagent kits for most commonly required blood work
make this system ideal for the small veterinary clinic or
individual practitioner.

Product Name: QuikCoag Blood Coagulation Reagents
Blood Coagulation Reagents and Controls (PT, APTT, FIB, Controls) for the routine monitoring of cardiovascular risk, blood clotting disorders and pre-surgical screening of patients.

FSC Code: 6550-In Vitro Diagnostic Substances, Reagents, Test Kits and Sets

Technology Profile

Blood coagulation instrumentation and reagents.

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Strategic Alliances: Currently enjoy relationships with Novitron International
(NASDAQ: NOVI), Vital Scientific and Precision Biologic.
We can offer new labs, manufacturing space, R & D, new
diagnostic products and novel technologies.
We are interested in pursuing relationships with:
International companies seeking to reduce costs by locating in
International companies seeking expansion and a physical
presence in the North American market.
Pharmaceutical companies wanting to diversify into diagnostics.
Small biotech firms seeking joint R&D ventures.
Diagnostics, manufacturing and marketing companies seeking new
products and marketing opportunities.
Venture capital firms seeking investment in new product
opportunities.Industry Sector Market Interests:
Geographic Markets: Actively Pursuing:

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Unique Applications:
BioMedica specializes in providing affordable, economical solutions for diagnostic and monitoring needs of alternative testing sites, utilizing small, portable instrumentation and economically-packaged supplies to reduce waste and inventory costs.

Key / Major Clients:
The first lot of blood clotting reagents is being readied for shipment under a strategic alliance formed in August of 2001 between BioMedica and Novitron International Inc. (NASDAQ: NOVI) of Newton, MA, for the technology transfer of a blood clotting detection analyzer and related reagents being developed by BioMedica. The instrument and accessories are to be manufactured by Novitron International's Dutch subsidiary, Vital Scientific; the reagents by BioMedica Diagnostics, and the product jointly distributed by the two companies. The instrument and reagents are designed for use in the doctor's office, clinics, for near patient testing, and for use in developing countries.

Contact Information

Abdullah K. Kirumira
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (902) 798-5105
Fax: (902) 798-1025

Lynne Kirumira
Title: Administrator
Area of Responsibility: Finance/Accounting
Telephone: (902) 798-5105

Natasha Spencer
Title: Admin/Exec Assistant
Area of Responsibility: Administrative Services
Telephone: (902) 798-5105

Merlin Newby
Title: IT and Marketing/Sales Manager
Area of Responsibility: Customer Service Electronic Data Interchange Domestic Sales & Marketing Export Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (902) 798-5105
Fax: (902) 798-1025