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Aquabiotech Inc.

Aquabiotech Inc.

Aquabiotech Inc.

936, rte 141 N
Coaticook, Quebec
J1A 2S5

936, rte 141 N
Coaticook, Quebec
J1A 2S5

(819) 849-4440

(819) 849-4769

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Aquabiotech Inc.

Founded in 1989 AQUABIOTECH INC. is the first Canadian firm to
have developed and used an intensive fish rearing system with
99.9% water recycling and more than 96% water heating economy
in winter. After 5 years of R&D, this competitive technology
is being offered for fry and juvenile culture(rearing volume
1 to 60 m³). About 10 different species (cold, cool, fresh and
saltwater) are presently reared with the REFB (Recirculation
de l'Eau avec Filtration Biologique) in Quebec.
AQUABIOTECH was selected for the turnkey setting of Laval
University aquaculture laboratory (LARSA), now qualified as
the state of the art in Canada. In 1999 AQUABIOTECH was
installed the Nova Scotia Agricultural College's aquaculture
laboratory. The company is presently
setting up sales forces across Canada and abroad.
In cooperation with three progressive companies, AQUABIOTECH
also develops sophisticated electronic equipment for aquaculture
(astrol photoperiod controlle).
A unique demonstration area for the production of 50,000 Atlantic
salmon smolts permits testing technology before sales.
AQUABIOTECH is dedicated to offer reliable services and
equipment to fish farmers, aquaculture researchers and teachers.

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115210 - Support Activities for Animal Production

541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

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$500,000 to $999,999

$1 to $99,999

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Product Name: Astral photoperiod controller
The SunMatch™ is an astral photoperiod controller that operates
on fluorescent and incandescent lights. It reproduces natural
photoperiod according to the date, longitude, and latitude,
and recreates dawn and dusk by automatically increasing light
intensity, thus preventing light stress on animals. You can
modify the duration of any season for reproduction control of
captive animals. For research, animal husbandry, horticulture.

Product Name: Water recirculation units for aquaculture
Water recirculation units for aquaculture
These 99.9% water reuse fish rearing units are designed for
turnkey labs and hatcheries. Ready to be linked to the chosen
fish tanks or aquariums, these kits provide maintenance-free
biological filtration, remove suspended solids, and assure
excellent water quality for controlled fresh and salt water
environments. Excellent teaching tool. This high quality
technology called REFB (Recirculation de l'Eau avec Filtration
Biologique) has been field-proven with over 6 years of Atlantic
salmon smolt production. Rearing volume : from 1 to 60 m³ water.
Also valves, pumps, oxygen generators, plumbing...

Product Name: Nitrifying biofilters
Self-cleaning tricling biofilters. Nitrifying capacity varies
between 100 g to 1700 g NH4 per day. Use for marine and fresh
water systems.

Service Name: Aquaculture consultants
Aquaculture consultants
Design and start-up of aquaculture facilities, and turnkey
settings of aquaculture research and teaching labs. Expertise
in intensive aquaculture, research, water recirculation at all
levels, microbiology of biofiltration (nitrification), fish
nutrition and fish physiology, hydraulic, gas transfer,
electronic controls.

Service Name: Biotechnology
FSC Code: 4630-Sewage Treatment Equipment

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Tony Pouliot
Title: Director
Area of Responsibility: Research/Development/Engineering
Telephone: (819) 849-4440
Fax: (819) 849-4769

Hélène Drouin
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (819) 849-4440
Fax: (819) 849-4769