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Amtex (YARN) Manufacturing Inc.

Amtex (YARN) Manufacturing Inc.

Amtex (YARN) Manufacturing Inc.

5960 Shawson Dr.
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 3W5

5960 Shawson Dr.
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 3W5

(905) 696-9329

(905) 696-9335

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Amtex (YARN) Manufacturing Inc.

Spinners of Superfine Merino wool ,Merino Wool and merino wool blend yarns for the hosiery, suiting, weaving and sweater industry using the latest state-of-the art spinning euquipment. Amtex is one of the most modern plants for spinning wool in the world producing high-end customized yarns for different textile markets.

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313110 - Fibre, Yarn and Thread Mills

Manufacturer / Processor / Producer

$5,000,000 to $9,999,999

$5,000,000 to $9,999,999

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Product Name: Wool Yarn and Wool Blend Yarns
Manufacturers of 100% Merino wool and wool blend yarns for the
hosiery, sweater and suiting industry in top dyed solids, top
dyed heathers and naturals in a count range of 1/8 WC to 1/70's

Product Name: Merino Wool
100% Merino Wool yarn Dyed
100% Merino Wool yarn Natural

Product Name: Superfine Merino Wool
18.5 Micron to 16 Micron Super Fine Merino wool yarns

FSC Code: 8310-Yarn and Thread

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Amtex has the ability to spin compact or Elite yarns which offer
manufacturers in the textile industry with yarns that are:
stronger,softer, and have less pilling than conventionally spun

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Success Stories:
Amtex received a 5 year contract to supply
Smartwool with high quality merino wool yarns for
their dyed sock program. Out bid 3 other
companies for this business. The key for Amtex to
get this business was the state-of-the-art
machinery installed in Amtex to produce the best
quality merino wool yarn in North America.

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Zein Dawood
Title: President
Telephone: (905) 696-9329
Fax: (905) 696-9335