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Accendo Electronics Ltd.

Accendo Electronics Ltd.

Accendo Electronics Ltd.

9-160 Gibson Dr.
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9-160 Gibson Dr.
Markham, Ontario
L3R 3K1

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Accendo Electronics Ltd.

Accendo Electronics Limited is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of Industry leading energy efficient lighting products. We endeavour to help Industry be more competitive by significantly reducing the operating costs associated with lighting. Accendo is also dedicated to the Greening of the Environment. By replacing antiquated lighting systems with high efficiency digital lighting, we envision the over-all reduction of Industry CO2 emissions by reducing the demand of electricity from power utilities.
Our lighting innovations represent the highest quality with technological superiority in the area of performance and capability, delivering the most energy saving lighting solutions in the marketplace today. Accendo produces brighter, longer lasting light for less cost.
We commit ourselves to the success of your Green lighting project with our highly integrated off-shore and Canadian based production facilities, complimented by local warehousing, and our advanced research, development and technical support facilities located in Markham, Ontario, Canada and Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Accendo products are subjected to a 100% quality inspection and guaranteed with 3 to 5 Year Warranty Terms to meet the most stringent Industry standards for the global market.
Our on-going research and development programs ensure our commitment to continuous improvement of the current technology base and to the introduction of new products incorporating a balance of proven and leading edge technologies into our product designs. The market leading technology to make Industry lighting applications as economically and environmentally efficient as possible is available today.

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335120 - Lighting Fixture Manufacturing

335311 - Power, Distribution and Specialty Transformers Manufacturing
416110 - Electrical Wiring and Construction Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors

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Product Name: GloGreen Digital HID (DHID) Lighting Retrofit Ballasts, Highbay Lighting Fixtures, and Street Lighting Fixtures
Digital HID (DHID) lighting technology is proven in installations across the World; Accendo Electronics' GloGreen DHID ballast technologies represent the market’s most innovative and environmentally responsible lighting solutions today. Based on the proven and robust High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp, the DHID ballast is its next generation master. HID light bulbs directed by the GloGreen Digital HID ballast suffer no visible light degradation over time and last much longer; DHID completely reduces wear and tear, i.e. premature lamp gas degradation and tube darkening. DHID lighting technology offers unmatched energy efficiency and represents the most cost-effective, highest performing, longest lasting solution for World Industry’s best return on lighting investment.

At the heart of Accendo DHID technology is the Direct Digital Ignition (DDI) micro-processor. This ‘computer’ and its embedded algorithms provide HID bulbs the exact Voltage required for both controlled ignition and controlled operation of the bulb over its entire lifetime. The DDI micro-processor allows gases in the High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH) or Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) bulb to be consumed in a most controlled state; i.e. gases are no longer involuntarily burned or consumed due to erratic uncontrolled Voltage strikes. In addition to drastically improving the performance and life of the HID bulb, the DDI micro-processor guarantees quick HID lamp start times (ignites quickly and is at 100% power in 60 seconds); instant dimming (in stages or seamless); and quick hot re-strike times (2-3 minutes).

When operating a HID bulb with a core and coil (magnetic) ballast or less efficient electronic based ballast; both of those systems offer a lower command of the Voltage being delivered to the bulb in both the ignition and the operation stage. The end result is the HID bulb suffers degradation rapidly (bulb dims prematurely after few hours of operation). Many users have experienced the inherent flaws of HID bulbs powered by traditional ballast systems, including delayed lamp ignition and re-strike times and the degradation of the light quality by 20% to 30% in only the first 6 months of operation.

As a result of these inefficiencies, the magnetic powered HID lamp continues to lose gas and therefore requires relamping or replacement sooner. With magnetic powered HID lamps degrading so quickly, failures can be considered in as little as 6 months since the light being output no longer meets the original specification, making relamping mandatory and unfortunately wasteful. With Digital HID bulbs now lasting 50,000 hours or more, costly relamping is no longer required since originally specified lumen levels will never decrease; meaning lamp changes are truly at the end of the lamp’s lifespan.

Direct Digital Ignition Micro-processor Technology

• Direct Digital Ignition (DDI) micro-processor control algorithms optimize the balance of current with lamp gases.
• Micro-processor based system performs at 97% efficiency delivering the highest lumen output per Watt in the market today (118lm/W+).
• Industry leading technology produces more penetrating and longer lasting light than core and coil (magnetic) ballasts for significantly less energy consumed.
• The high efficiency of the DHID ballast allows Watts input to be most efficiently converted to Watts output as lumens with only 3%-5% losses to heat.
• System efficiency virtually eliminates electrical losses and corresponding ambient heat. The GloGreen DHID ballast power factor is >98%.
• DDI minimizes lamp wear, and in turn prolongs the life of the lamp by at least 1.5 times, dynamically maintaining the optimal operating Voltage and frequency of the lamp.
• HID lamps operated with the GloGreen ballast will not visibly degrade over their entire lifetime; i.e. 95% lumen maintenance - no relamping is required, lamp is only changed at its life end of 40,000 hours (MH), or 70,000 hours (HPS) and beyond (especially when instant dimming is utilized)..
• Instant dimming and full power resumption is managed by the DDI micro-processor via motion sensor or PLC Analog 0-10VDC input; or pre-programmed and RF based options.

For additional information on Accendo GloGreen DHID retrofit ballasts and fixtures, please download our product brochures located here - see leftmost menu:
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To arrange your Risk Free Trial please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Product Name: ‘Long Life’ High-Intensity Discharge & Fluorescent Lamps
Accendo Electronics is proud to announce the collaboration of Digital HID™ (DHID™) ballast technology with the World’s most advanced High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Long Life Lamps.

• We welcome you to explore the latest North American product releases from Accendo Electronics and Aura Light International: http: //

Ultra long life lamps nearly eliminate the long term costs associated with the operation of HID lighting systems:

• GloGreen Series DHID lighting products are designed to work most efficiently with solar SODINETTE Long Life High-Pressure Sodium - Up to 70,000 hours and beyond lifespan.

• GLOGREEN Digital HID (DHID) Ballasts – The perfect ballast for the SODINETTE Long Life HPS lamp.

• ULTIMATE US Long Life T8 Fluorescent - ULTIMATE Long Life fluorescent lamp is the result of intensive research and continuous development efforts. Aura ULTIMATE is a tri-phosphor lamp with the World’s longest service life and an extremely low lamp failure rate. This unique T8 lamp sets the standard for products with an extended lifetime.

• SUPREME High Efficient T5 Fluorescent – SUPREME High Efficient (HE) is a Long Life fluorescent lamp ideally suited for applications where high-quality, energy-effective lighting is required.

• SUPREME High Output T5 Fluorescent - SUPREME High Output is a Long Life fluorescent lamp with a three times longer service life than standard T5 HO lamps. It is the perfect solution when you need the energy saving- and system miniaturisation characteristics of a T5 lamp with the high lumen package of HO in high ceiling applications.

• PROTECTOR Fluorescent – Protector lamps are Long Life fluorescent lamps lasting three times longer than standard lamps. The protector function is reached with high quality durable plastic protection film. The plastic film protects critical areas from glass splinters and fluorescent powder in case of lamp breakage.

• THERMO Fluorescent – Thermo fluorescent lamps are designed specifically for environments where the ambient temperature is low. The unique construction contains a Long Life fluorescent lamp cased in an outer glass tube.

• REFLECTOR Fluorescent – Reflector is developed for use in applications where a sufficient level of light must be available through direct or indirect reflection. The design with an integral horizontal reflecting layer of 160° inside an outer glass tube provides additional more than 60 % of light at the place where it is needed.

• SIGNETTE Fluorescent – Signette is designed to give internally illuminated signs a uniform distribution of light. A 26 mm Long Life fluorescent lamp is contained in a 38 mm diameter outer glass tube. Inside the outer tube are specially designed diffuser layers integrated to give optimised light uniformity both for single- and double-sided signs.

Accendo and Aura Guarantees

Accendo Electronics and Aura Light International offer guarantees on the performance of all DHID Ballast and Long Life lamp products. Please contact us today for a free assessment of your application. Please visit and for additional information, or email

FSC Code: 6210-Indoor and Outdoor Electric Lighting Fixtures
6240-Electric Lamps
6250-Ballasts, Lampholders, and Starters
6260-Nonelectrical Lighting Fixtures

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Key / Major Clients:
• TRW Automotive – Tier-One Automotive Parts Manufacturing Plants –

• H.J. Heinz Company – Food Manufacturing Plants –

• McCain Foods Limited – Food Manufacturing Plants –

• PSION Inc. – Electronics Manufacturing Plant –

• Richmond Oval – Olympic Speed Skating, Ice Hockey, Sports Arena –

• Air Canada – Toronto Pearson International Airport –

• Ford, Hyundai, Suzuki, Nissan - Automotive Dealership/Retail Parking Lot Lighting Applications:

• Greenhouse/Hydroponic Lighting Applications

Please visit this link for additional success stories: http: //

Success Stories:
Digital HID™ Lighting Reduces Industry Lighting Expenses by 50%+

Industry can be more competitive and environmentally effective today by dramatically reducing the costs and electricity consumption associated with the operation of lighting. By simply retrofitting or replacing antiquated magnetic High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting systems with high performance energy efficient Digital HID™ (DHID™) lighting, the end user can yield an immediate 40% or 50% savings in energy while still maintaining equivalent light levels. Introducing dimming allows for 75% or more in additional energy savings. Money savings due to reduced electricity expenses allow the payback of the DHID™ lighting solution to be really short, and with minimal maintenance and consumable expenses incurred over the long term.

Application Examples

Factory/Warehouse High-Bay & Outside Area/Parking Lighting (Industrial/Commercial/Retail):

TRW Automotive - Tier-One Automotive Parts Manufacturing Plants -

• Retrofitted existing 400W MH and HPS fixtures utilizing core and coil (magnetic) ballasts with GloGreen DHID™ 250W retrofit digital ballasts. Installed new 250W Pulse Start MH lamps.
• The upgrade installation resulted in significant energy savings and greatly increased lumen levels in the areas.
• Reduced over-all maintenance/consumable costs; DHID™ is best choice for installation environments where dust/debris or oil mist are present, and for installs where lamps are not easily accessible.
• Total direct savings: 195Watts/hr per fixture (42% savings); calculations including magnetic ballast energy losses (approx. 15%).

H.J. Heinz Company - Food Manufacturing Plants -

• Replaced existing 320W MH fixtures utilizing core and coil (magnetic) ballasts with dimmable DHID™ 150W digital ballast fixtures (CMH lamp).
• Measured Lux (lx) at the ground before and after installation (mounting height of 26ft.); old 320W MH produced 120lx - New DHID™ 150W produced 455lx (i.e. a most significant 73.7% improvement in light quality/brightness at the ground for over half the electricity consumed)
• Reduced over-all maintenance/consumable costs since DHID™ powered lamps do not degrade in light quality or brightness the entire extended life of the HID bulb.
• Total direct savings: 218Watts/hr per fixture (59% savings); calculations including magnetic ballast energy losses (approx. 15%).

McCain Foods Limited - Food Manufacturing Plants -

• Retrofitted existing 400W MH fixtures utilizing core and coil (magnetic) ballasts with GloGreen DHID™ 250W retrofit digital ballasts. Installed new 250W Pulse Start MH lamps.
• Installed Dimmable DHID™ ballasts in warehouse/storage areas, triggered by motion/heat sensors. Instant dimming from 250W to 125W (50%) in one-step.
• Really short term return on investment (ROI) justified by the low buying and install cost (re-using McCain’s existing water-proof fixtures) and long term high performance of DHID™ lighting. DHID™ solution was favoured over LED, Fluorescent and Induction lighting.
• Total direct savings: 223Watts/hr per fixture (45% savings); warehouse/storage areas where dimming is utilized yields 355.5Watts/hr savings per fixture (72% savings); calculations including magnetic ballast energy losses (approx. 22%).

PSION Inc. - Electronics Manufacturing Plant -

• Externally retrofitted the existing 400W MH high bay fixtures utilizing core and coil (magnetic) ballasts with GloGreen DHID™ 250W retrofit digital ballasts.
• Internally retrofitted existing 250W MH parking lot luminaires with 150W DHID™ ballast; and old 100W-150W Wall pack/Signage lighting upgraded to 50W-100W DHID™.
• Installed new Pulse Start MH lamps in each case. The upgrade installation resulted in instant energy savings and increased lighting levels in all areas.
• Really short term return on investment (ROI) justified by the low buying cost and long term high performance of DHID™ lighting. PSION qualified for local power utility rebate incentive making ROI approximately one (1) year.
• Total direct savings: 207Watts/hr per high bay fixture (43% savings); over-all application project energy savings approximately 42%.

Arena/Sports Facility Lighting Applications:

Richmond Oval – Olympic Speed Skating, Ice Hockey, Sports Arena –

• Retrofitted existing 1000W MH fixtures utilizing core and coil (magnetic) ballasts with Analog Dimmable DHID™ 750W digital retrofit ballasts. Installed new 750W Pulse Start MH lamps.
• Retrofitted existing 400W MH fixtures utilizing core and coil (magnetic) ballasts with 250W digital retrofit ballasts. Installed new 250W Pulse Start MH lamps.
• Immediate increase in energy savings and improvement in facility light quality and brightness at the ice surface and over viewing areas.
• End-user is able to dim the 750W fixture to the desired power setting; from 750W to 375W (50% dimming), and is able to turn the lamps off remotely (Analog 0-10VDC input DHID™ ballast).
• Total direct savings for 1000W magnetic retrofit: 441Watts/hr per fixture (36% savings); customer can dim down to 375W for up to 68% energy savings; calculations including magnetic ballast energy losses (approx. 20%).
• Total direct savings for 400W magnetic retrofit: 195Watts/hr per fixture (42% savings); calculations including magnetic ballast energy losses (approx. 15%).

Airport Lighting Applications:

Air Canada – Toronto Pearson International Airport -

• Replaced existing 400W MH fixtures utilizing core and coil (magnetic) ballasts with dimmable 200/250W Digital HID™ ballast fixtures. Installed new 200W Pulse Start MH lamps.
• Install yielded an instant energy savings of 53% per fixture, and lighting levels in the areas were increased.
• Total direct savings: 246Watts/hr per fixture with DHID™ 200W setting (214 input power); calculations including magnetic ballast energy losses (approx. 15%).

Automotive Dealership/Retail Parking Lot Lighting Applications:
• Retrofitting existing HID lamp fixtures is cost-effective and improves over-all lighting performance, with substantial 40%+ instant energy savings.
• Leading Automotive dealerships (Ford, Hyundai, Suzuki, Nissan) already realize the benefits of DHID™ retrofits today; and new installation projects benefit with high efficiency GloGreen DHID™ high bay showroom and shop fixtures.
• 'Automatic' dimming, or pre-programmed dimming modes add great value to your parking lot project; reducing/dimming lighting levels during off-peak traffic hours, e.g. after midnight, provides 'supplemental' energy savings up to 50%, reducing your existing energy consumption by over 70%!
• High Energy Efficiency, Long Term Performance, Low Waste, and a Low Buying Cost = Best Lighting Value.

Greenhouse/Hydroponic Lighting Applications:
• Retrofit/Replace existing inefficient electronic or core and coil (magnetic) 400W, 600W, and 1000W HID ballasts utilizing MH or HPS bulbs with GloGreen DHID™ 200/250W, 400W, 575W, 600W, and 750W Digital HID™ ballasts.
• Or Retrofit/Replace existing magnetic 1000W to 2000W MH or HPS fixtures with 1000W digital ballasts to reduce energy consumption and increase plant growth yields in a shorter timeframe.
• Greenhouse and Hydroponic operators can now maximize the return on their lighting investment and profitability due to the higher energy and electrical efficiency of the Digital HID™ ballast.
• Low cost of investment including reduced maintenance/consumable expenses make DHID™ the most financially viable lighting solution for greenhouse operators today. The DHID™ ballast is 97% efficient and HID bulbs operated by the DHID™ ballast suffer no greater than 5% light degradation over the entire lifespan of the bulb (95% lumen maintenance).
• Return on investment; at $0.10/kWhr, a DHID™ 575W ballast replacing an existing magnetic 1000W ballast operated 18 hours per day, 365 days a year is paid back in less than 6 months.
• Total direct savings: 591Watts/hr per fixture (49% savings); or operator can use DHID™ 1000W to increase plant growth yields/reduce grow time for less electricity expense than their existing magnetic based 1000W MH or HPS HID lighting system.

Simple Dimming Applications:
• GloGreen Digital HID™ Ballasts are available with dimming capabilities already built in; by dimming 50% of incoming power, additional electricity savings are realized.
• Motion sensor, or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) dimming via Analog 0-10VDC input.
• On-board pre-programmed schedule dimming allows you to select the dimming time period based on a daily schedule.
• Simple dimming makes sense, especially for parking lots, public park areas, pathways, warehouses, and indoor/outdoor sport facilities.

Digital HID™ Product Benefits and Specifications:
• Significant (up to 75%) saving of electrical energy and maintenance costs.
• Produces up to 40% or more lumens/Watt than core-and-coil (magnetic) ballasts without losses.
• Steady 95% lumen maintenance over life cycle of lamp (only 5% degradation over entire bulb lifetime, no relamping required).
• Increased life expectancy (100%) of the lamp compared to core-and-coil (magnetic) ballast technology
• Highest efficiency ballast on the market; 97% efficient Digital HID™ ballast produces minimal heat
• Possible 50% dimming of incoming power yields dramatic cost savings
• Multiple dim modes: motion sensor/PLC dimming with Analog 0-10VDC signal; onboard/pre-programmed dimming.
• Virtually no loss of electrical energy; Watts consumed = Watts produced
• Conventional core-and-coil (magnetic) ballasts create significant heat and operate at 15-25% losses in terms of Watts consumed and Watts produced.
• Very easy retrofit installations for MH, CMH and HPS lamps
• Advanced design, fully silicon potted ballast is light in weight and compact in size

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International Capital Projects:
Port Elizabeth, South Africa – Municipality Highway/Street Lighting

• Internally retrofitted GloGreen DHIDTM 600W ballast into existing 1000W HPS highway high mast fixtures utilizing core and coil (magnetic) ballasts.
• Replaced aged 1000W HPS lamps with AURA SODINETTE 600W Long Life Lamp offering 70,000 hours average life expectancy (48,000 hrs. service life, <5% failures).
• The upgrade installation improved over-all lighting levels; magnetic 1000W average 3.59lx versus DHIDTM 600W average 4.15lx.
• Total direct savings: 564Watts/hr per fixture (47% savings); magnetic input power 1200W versus 636W DHIDTM input power.
• Really short ROI justified by the low buying cost, long term performance of DHIDTM

Contact Information

Anthony Borges
Title: Director of Marketing & Business Development
Telephone: (905) 475-2067
Fax: (905) 470-0168