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A D Metro

A D Metro

A D Metro

1181 Parisien St.
Gloucester, Ontario
K1B 4W4

1181 Parisien St.
Gloucester, Ontario
K1B 4W4

(613) 742-5545

(613) 742-5245

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A D Metro

A D Metro designs and manufactures touch screen solutions. Established in 1988 and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, A D Metro supplies touch screen customers, OEM’s and integrators worldwide.
Advancing the company’s commitment to produce leading edge touch technology, A D Metro recently released ULTRA, the industry’s first pressure activated flexible glass touch sensor. This revolutionary patent protected enhancement to resistive-type sensors delivers the most durable, usable and cost effective touch sensor available on the market today.
In addition to ULTRA and resistive sensors, A D Metro has also developed a line of Capacitive touch sensors for applications that require durability, good optics and a light touch such as kiosks and gaming machines.

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334110 - Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing

334511 - Navigational and Guidance Instruments Manufacturing
334512 - Measuring, Medical and Controlling Devices Manufacturing

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Product Name: Touch Screen Sensors
Resistive, capacitive and armored touch sensors that enable users to operate computers by pressing their finger or a stylus directly on the computer display,

Product Name: ULTRA Armored Resistive Touch Sensor
Highly durable touch sensor. Ideal for industrial, military and kiosk applications.

Product Name: Capacitive Touch Sensor
Capacitive touch screen sensors, ideal for gaming, kiosks, ATM, etc.

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Simon Morgan
Title: Manager
Telephone: (613) 742-5545
Fax: (613) 742-5245